Fugitive Bride

Romance Fugitive Bride

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Fugitive Bride

Leah felt like all her dreams had come true when she married the handsome billionaire Gerard. That is, until she overhears him say the most shocking thing: “Any man who marries for love is an idiot. I married Leah because she’s a virgin and perfect for sculpting into the ideal wife.” All his loving words were a lie? Hurt, Leah runs away and, six months later, is making a living as a deckhand on a cruise ship. Suddenly, Gerard’s twin brother, Gareth, shows up! He looks just like Gerard, but his personality is the exact opposite of his brother’s; he’s kind and loving, and Leah finds herself falling for him…!

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becky's comment - July 4th, 2014

The heroine left her husband 6 months ago when she knew that her husband doesn't trust love, and doesn't even love her. She had a happy life on a yacht until one day, she saw her husband on the yacht. Well but the truth is, that is her husband's twin brother. He is totally different from his brother, kind, gentle, and best of all, loves heroine so well. As heroine finds herself love twin brother as well, she decides to go back to her husband for divorce. And at that time, she knows what truth is.
The story is nice and you definitely will be surprised for the ending.

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a little out of control 2  2

For me, the whole fake twin thing was kind of much. I mean, the scars were both perfect for disguising the hero's true identity but also revealing his true identity. I felt the heroine just jumped headfirst into the water without thinking of getting to know the man before she even considered marriage. That way, she would have figured out his issues with marriage (obsessive and possessive father suspected wife of adultery which wasn't true that he beat her black and blue. So, she ran to her boss and the father got killed. The hero blamed mom and closed his heart off for years till after his wife ditched him.) This is actually one of the few harlequins when the heroine actually tells the hero why she's leaving him, putting a note saying, "I'm leaving you because you said...…". Now, when the heroine finds out the truth because she went to the hero to divorce him and saw the wounds that proved they were was on not two. She sets to leave but his secretary (bless the woman's heart) stops her and begs her to give the hero a chance. She voices what happened to the hero during the heroine's absence like being so depressed that he end up in a car crash and a life threatening hospital that gave him a chance to repair his broken relationship with his mother and do some self-reflect. The heroine takes the woman's words into account (because she trusts the woman) and listens to the hero's side. He gives this pretty good speech of how much he loves the heroine. The heroine accepts his love and wants to have a second chance with him and we get the happy ending. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

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What an elaborate farce 2  2

First of all, the heroine is not only naive but also illogical. To fall in love with the brother and sleep with your "brother in law" while still married is absurd. To determine who you like by sleeping with them, Umm, wont she know its her husband? And thats not how things are suppose to be. Gareth and Gerard are both absurd as well. This whole facade is absolutely ridiculous. The reason I kept reading is because I want to know how far he will push his farce and how gullible the girl is.

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