In the Spaniard's Bed

Romance In the Spaniard's Bed

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In the Spaniard's Bed

Cassandra is shocked by her brother’s request. He begs her to listen to a demand of Diego's, their company's financial investor. Diego will help save the family company from crumbling—but Diego wants Cassandra to sleep with him! With the kiss Diego stole from her years ago still fresh in her mind, Cassandra's pulse races every time she runs into him. But if she lets herself fall for him, neither her body nor her heart will come out of this unscathed. Still, she has no choice but to give in to Diego’s demand if she wants to help her brother. What will become of her now?

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becky's comment - June 27th, 2014

The story is filled with family, upper-class, love, and accident. As heroine wants to save her father and brother's company, she accepted the contract of staying with hero for a week. During the week, hero and heroine find that they are in love with each other. Oh, sorry for forget to mention, they met several years before and they've already interested in each other since then. At the end of their contract, an accident happened and hero stays beside without leaving. The accident makes the story exciting.

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First the bed then the heart 4  4

The hero and heroine have an unusual relationship that goes back to the heroine's high school years of rebellion and the hero forces her out of a party then forces a kiss on her. Afterwards, they meet each other from time to time at parties where they engage in some banter of words. Then the heroine is told by her brother that the family company is in deep financial trouble and the hero has offered his help if his conditions are met and one of them is being with the heroine. The heroine sees the corner that the brother is backed into and will meet with the hero but she decides to fight him over control. Yet, the hero has information of the brother being gay that the heroine doesn't want to get out if the father heard. So, she agrees but has another contract written up to set the details in place. When they go out, the heroine gets a real glare from one of the hero's ex-girlfriends who doesn't seem to accept that she and the hero were over a long time ago. The OW tries to scare the heroine but the heroine doesn't let tower over her. Even when the woman tries to make a formal compliant at the heroine's jewelry gallery but the heroine was prepared for this as she is with every time she makes a piece of jewelry. The hero and heroine go to the Golden Coast and develop a relationship outside of the bedroom. Then the heroine deal with the recent passing of her father and the hero is there to bring food and just hold her. The whole thing has the heroine wonder what to do with her love for the hero. Then the heroine's shop is targeted by burglar and she's taken hostage. She survives and wakes up in the hospital to the hero's anxious face. She hears about the hero being there for her and setting up the hospital room with flowers and gifts when the brother couldn't make it. She tries to leave but the hero takes her to his place and confronts her on their relationship. She opens up on her fears and feelings of being in love with the hero and what he would do if he hurts her. He confesses that everything he's done like uprooting his business to move to her city. He confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. They have a small ceremony and a great start into their future.

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Really nice story

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