The Prince's Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito

Romance The Prince's Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito

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The Prince's Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito

Alyssa is selected to be Prince Benito's maid while he is visiting from the neighboring country of Niroli. To Alyssa, the young, beautiful and popular prince is someone beyond her reach and she is too shy to even look him in the eye. But one day, while cleaning the bathroom, Alyssa finds a lipstick that the prince's girlfriend has left behind. The lipstick looks glamorous to the naive Alyssa, who has never even put on makeup before, so she faces the mirror to apply it. But Prince Benito, who has seen everything, suddenly appears…!

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two good romances 4  4

These romances were pretty nice with how they played out. The Prince's housekeeper brings up what it means to truly love, not to judge a book by its cover, and more. The heroine is assigned as the hero's personal maid and makes an impression on the hero who yearns for love but isn't ready to give his love. He sees after spending time with her that she brings out a better side to him. He has a lot to work on with his behavior but the heroine sees a different side from the rumors. She sees someone who helps others and is more kind than he lets on. They do have a few bumps but the end is nice. The Prince Incognito showed what happens when you give sensitive information like pictures and location of a prince who you can tell is literally incognito. The heroine stumbles upon the hero who's needing a place of solitude after being thrust into the position of heir after the death of his older brother but nobody is showing their support and making him feel like he's not worth it. The heroine gets email, asking about the hero's location and what he's doing. The heroine spends time with the hero and falls in love with him. She sends praises about the hero but she also finds pictures she sent being shopped and twisted to say that the hero is playing around and not taking his duties seriously. The heroine doesn't correct the mistake fast enough because the hero finds out and is practically livid with her. He doesn't believe her and it goes downhill. Instead of wallowing in despair, she pulls together and has the news company write the true story about the hero. Their words show the truth and gets the bad guys pulled out. After awhile, the hero pulls up at the her company. He apologizes for not believing in her and being cruel. He also asks her to marry him and she says yes after some encouragement. It was a decent ending.

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This one consists of both lovely stories of princes who are totally opposite characters. But i must say kudos to the mangaka who able to make all of the characters lovable. In the first story, although the prince has demanding character, but it was cute and refreshing to see when the heroine try to banter against his way of doing things. And i love the second story as well. The prince has so much good qualities that i also will fall in love if i meet someone like him. And i love that the heroine is so brave and wise that she immediately act to redo her mistake. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to find some refreshing new harlequin stories. Although the storyline might be cliche, but the characters and the way the mangaka deliver the stories make them a very enjoyable and cute stories.

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