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Talented redheaded secretary Sara decides to leave the Possibles—the group of singles looking for love and marriage. Sara wants to find something other than a partner to marry after years of unsuccessful searching. Just as she makes the decision to stop her search, she meets her new boss, Steven. He is a handsome and successful man who would be the perfect candidate as Sara's future husband. They are eventually drawn closer under a common goal, a new kind of love...

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2.5 tiring? Possibly. 3  3

The story was an hmm with a humm and ended with a tired sigh. The heroine has spent 10 years searching for Mr. Right at the company she works for in a mixer date group. It never seemed to occur to her to branch out in other areas like YMCA's, clubs, or if you really want it done quick: a matchmaker. I didn't like how the hero gives the general description on woman based on hair color. Now, the heroine gets a new boss (hero) who judges her by hair and face. He concludes that she's some easy woman, especially since the guy she left after one date sent an anonymous note about the heroine being a man eater. Couple that with the hero's stereotypical bologna and you get an overworked and about to kill the boss heroine who is just trying to prove her worth. I read the heroine's thoughts over spending years dedicated to searching for Mr. Right and it lead to nothing. I mean it sounded like there were no spontaneous things like a trip or even a bucket list that she's been marking down as complete. She makes her life sound boring even with her activities and volunteer work. It takes a Saturday afternoon in the hunt for a missing file for the hero and heroine to take a step forward but they fall back when the hero is back to his rude comments. Later, the heroine encourages the hero to go to the mixer because if he finds someone then he'll loosen up and hopefully on her. Imagine his surprise when it's an actual party with people. Then when they're alone, the heroine goes on about how she's giving up marriage and he closes in on her to apologize about the hair comment. Things end awkwardly between them but it shows the hero reader that there is attraction. It takes a bad situation for the hero and heroine to end up in the same room but that ends with both noting how incompatible they are. It takes one more unexpected event (heavy rain and small cottage) for the hero and heroine to finally got to home run. They decide to keep their relationship a secret but they find it hard to keep their hands off each other. Yet, their relationship hits bumps with the heroine wondering what is her role, is she a secretary or a girlfriend? Then the hero is giving the heroine a new promotion but she has no idea despite the hero's assurance if it's based on her work or their relationship. She also finds out the hero is leaving. They have a huge fight that leaves the heroine staying home dejected only to find a vengeful ex-colleague barging his way in who the hero fired for leaking company secrets to use her in his revenge against the hero. The hero somehow senses something is amiss and runs to find the heroine's home ransacked. Assuming the worst, he runs all over to find the hero till he goes back to the cottage. He finds her safe and alive because she has Karate training and kicked the colleague's tail feathers. The hero confesses his loves, pops the questions, and the heroine answers yes with a kiss. For some, the story might have been fine and all but it didn't really appeal to me.

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