The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress

Pure Romance The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress

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The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress

Up-and-coming interior designer Lucinda is dumped by her fiancé and develops a mistrust of men. When she gets a job offer to renovate a luxurious mansion on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Sea, it’s a dream come true! But there’s a problem with her employer. It’s Zane Alexander—a man for whom she once had feelings! He’s the last person in the world she wants to be around right now. But as soon as they arrive at the island, he invites her to spend her time there as a vacation...with him.

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punching with words 3  3

When people have a problem, issue, concern, or compliant; we find ways of releasing the stress or anger from it. You do yoga, cooking, talking it over with a friend at lunch hour, etc. You can also buy your own punching bag or inflated kid's clown to hit it as hard as possible. It seems there was a lot of puching through words towards the hero and heroine. It comes heroine's whole mistrust, venom, and issues were unleashed onto the hero and the hero's fear of the relationship turning sour. So, the heroine was the hero's babysitter for who she thought was his son but it was his recently orphaned nephew whose grandmother was in the hospital. She didn't like him because she barely saw the hero come in to see the little boy, not knowing he was in the middle of a huge deal, dealing with his family's death, and joint guardianship of a small child, and more. So, she holds it against him for three years. Two years later, her fiancée dumps through phone and before that was her mother marrying this rich guy right after her father's death who can't say anything decently nice to the heroine throughout the whole book. She can't do anything to the fiancée because he's MIA and same to the Step-father because he makes her mother happy. A year later, the heroine's work-alcoholic achievements are noticed by the hero who hires her. He's surprised that former babysitter has risen so quickly with suspicion but apologizes when he sees her resume. Yet, their conversation has a really bumpy ride with the heroine shouting no in his ears on job location but the hero's ears are filled with wax. Their suddenly cleaned enough ears when she accuses him of child neglect and he gives her the full story. That was the first punch. Now, the heroine feels guilty and it almost destroys their business deal. They still go to the location for business and the goes back to being nice to the heroine. The heroine maintains a "Don't touch this front", something the hero can't help but tease. There are little jabs here and there. Then second punch comes when the heroine rants and cries about how her father's death and her mother's sudden remarriage really hurt her. He lets her rant and cry into his shoulder being the gentleman. This was a bit of a second punch but not really that hurtful. Once the hero learns of there being no man in her life, he starts beating around the bush of pursuing the heroine then pulling back. The heroine finally lets him in and they go all the way. It turns their work in paradise into a vacation till hero gets call that nephew's grandmother was sent to the hospital. I did like seeing the hero's insecurity what with bringing the heroine into his personal life and whether he should act on it or not since many of his friends have followed the path of love but ended up getting divorced. So, he starts keeping distance and it hurts the heroine immensely, this was the third punch. When the hero contacts her again, he asks her to look after his nephew but also adds he wants to see her. Now, the heroine isn't sure if the hero is sincere or using her. She leads to believe he is using her since he doesn't come to see her or anything. When he comes home late, she accuses him and it starts up a fight. It ends coldly with the heroine stating their relationship is over (4th punch and it's a hard one). The fifth punch comes when she accuses him of making an old woman take care of the little boy, using the paparazzi rags of his scandals as concrete evidence. The whole thing riles them up so bad that they go to bed to release the stress. Afterwards, the grandmother dies and the heroine decides to stay on for the nephew since his beloved granny who took care of him died. That leads her to move out of her stepfather's house (Don't know why she was living with him in the first place when she doesn't like him and makes enough to live somewhere else decent). The stepfather had a lot more rude things ( a lot of punches) to say to the heroine that even his wife chastises him for speaking. Then the heroine because she suspects the hero is in another relationship with the hero but there's nothing to suggest or hold ground the man is. So, she tells the hero she is leaving and he demands to know why. It blows up into a fight with both not saying what the other wants to hear. When the heroine tells the little boy, he doesn't take it so well and disappears. The whole thing sends our main couple into a panic that they work together to find the little boy quickly. After they find the boy, the two finally have a sit down to talk things out. The hero reveals that he loves the heroine with all the reasons why but he was afraid she didn't love him and lost her confidence. The heroine reveals her love and fear of the same, even listing the OW (who's really just a friend). Things are cleared with apologies made and it ends with the hero getting down on one knee with a proposal. The heroine cries yes and flings herself into the hero's arms.

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