The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

Pure Romance The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

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The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

Ethan Cartwright built an enormous fortune as a famous financial adviser. He is frequently shown in the media surrounded by countless beauties. Daisy, who works for a PR agency, sees Ethan at a party attended by celebrities from a variety of industries. While Ethan is quite sought after by social climbers, to Daisy, who is currently grappling with finacial debt, his very existence is infuriating. Ethan misunderstands her gaze, and purposely angers Daisy's supervisor, who fires her on the spot. Now her only employment option is to be his temporary mistress!

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becky's comment - July 18th, 2014

Hero in the story is a successful businessman, and handsome. However heroine is just a usual girl and work for a mean boss in order to pay debt. In a chance heroine got fired and hero hired her for his housekeeper. During their stay in the house, they become attractive to each other. I personally like the heroine because she is stronger than other Harlequin heroines. In a chance she met hero's ex-girlfriend and when ex-girlfriend said something mean to her, instead of crying along, she fights back and wins applause. It is interesting to see a heroine like her.

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Fine 3  3

Emma Darcy is the pseudonym used by the Australian husband–wife writing team of Wendy Brennan  and Frank Brennan (1936–1995), they wrote in collaboration over 45 romance novels. In 1993, for the Emma Darcy pseudonym's 10th anniversary, they created the "Emma Darcy Award Contest" to encourage authors to finish their manuscripts. After the death of Frank Brennan in 1995, Wendy now writes the books on her own. Wendy lives in New South Wales, Australia.Darcy sold 60 million books from 1983 to 2001, and averaged six new books per year wendy was born 28 November 1940 in Australia, she has an Honours degree in Latin and worked as a high school English teacher. She was reputedly the first woman computer programmer in the southern hemisphere In 2002, Darcy's first crime novel Who Killed Angelique? won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel. In 2003, the next novel, Who Killed Bianca, was a finalist for the Ned Kelly Award for Best Novel Frank Brennan and Wendy married, and she left her job. The marriage had three sons. They are voracious readers, and they decided to write their own novels under the pseudonym Emma Darcy.

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3.5 Gamble of love and life 4  4

The hero and heroine meet at a racing where the heroine's selfish boss is smitten by the hero's looks and brain. The heroine directs her laser eyes at the man because he's got all this money and yet he gambles on it when her parents about to lose their home. Now, he strikes up a conversation with the heroine, which irks her boss. She wails on the heroine in front of the hero who defends the heroine. So, the boss fires her on a whim but the hero hires her as a way of making amends. The job is real and she sees as she works that the hero is a pretty nice guy. She even trusts him enough to open about her parent's financial difficulties. She also seems to think that the hero thinks little of her but she has no idea the he's attracted to her. After a tennis match and a kiss, things turn hot. Sadly, the heroine thinks it's all going to end it blocks out the hero. She goes on about how her cash strapped parents will be so disappointed in giving her body to help pay for them. Personally, I felt insulted on the hero's behalf. So, the hero comes up with a proposal that he'll use his smarts to help the parents get out of debt if the heroine spends the rest of the year. The heroine goes along and realizes she's made the hero angry but thinks the wrong reasons why. When the heroine's parent's financial problems are solved, the hero worries of the heroine leaving him. They both think wrongly till the hero invites the heroine to meet all his friends who take to her. She goes learns the hero was previously engaged to another woman till he learned she was only with him for his money. She meets the OW and handles her snide ways with class. Everything goes well till their faces are plastered on the tv screen. The parents call with questions and desire to invite the hero over for dinner. Their conversation turns sour because both contributed in saying the wrong and hurtful things.The hero goes and immediately takes to the family and makes a great impression on the heroine's autistic nephew. Then he confesses to the whole family that he wants to be with the heroine. The heroine is flabbergasted by his statement. Luckily, the two are left alone where the hero confesses his love for the heroine and asks her to marry him. She happily exclaims yes and they walk inside to tell the family the news.

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