The Night of the Wedding

Romance The Night of the Wedding

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The Night of the Wedding

Kate happens to walk in on her boyfriend, Steven, who she was thinking about marrying, in bed with another woman. Brokenhearted, she runs to her childhood friend Nick, who she has known for twenty years. He is now a playboy running an IT company; but he understands her feelings the most because they grew up together. A month after he's comforted her just like in the old days, Kate realizes that she can’t avoid running into Steven at her best friend’s wedding, so Nick offers to act as her boyfriend at the event!

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becky's comment - July 25th, 2014

Although this is a typical Harlequin story, the story looks like which happened on your friend or yourself. And this makes me love the story so much. Hero and heroine know each other when they were young. They have been friend for too long to notice their own feelings to each other. After heroine broke up with her ex-boyfriend, she realizes that the one who really cares and loves her is hero. How should heroine tell hero about this? And how does hero think about? It is definitely worth to read.

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friends so long and so unaware 3.5 4  4

The hero and heroine have been best friends since they were kids and have stayed close to each other. So close, that the hero is the first person the heroine tells that her boyfriend is going to propose to her because of an agreement made two years ago and the first person she runs to when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Personally, I found their relationship have little foundation in supporting not because he's a struggling musician but because he has the heroine do everything like pay the bills, cook, clean, etc. Then the heroine finds out that her friend is getting married who's also the friend to the ex-boyfriend. So now, she has to go to a wedding where her ex will be with his new girlfriend and asks the hero if he'll come with her. He says yes in order to show the people that the heroine has gotten over him and be a shield to the ex. The heroine tries to set the hero up with a friend who sees the obvious of the hero in love with the heroine and the heroine liking the hero deeply but from living the life of a father who abandoned her, she doesn't realize that she's in love with the hero and any notion she has, she buries it because by putting the hero in the category of love, she risks losing him. However, hearing the friend talk about how attractive the hero is and she wants him puts the heroine on edge throughout the book that she doesn't realize until the end. It takes the hero who confesses that there's a woman he wants to marry and the friend who tells everyone, including the heroine that she's getting married for the heroine to jump to the conclusion that the friend and hero are getting married. She rushes out of work to the hero's front door and when he opens after her relentless knocks, she cries out that she's in love with him and she was so afraid of losing him that she continuously placed him as a friend. She doesn't want to hurt the friend but she couldn't handle not telling the hero. The hero reveals that the friend isn't marrying the hero but an ex-boyfriend she used to date. The friend used the truth to push the heroine to confront her feelings about the hero. The hero confesses that he noticed his feelings for her when she told him about marrying the ex-boyfriend. They hold each other and finally have a special night.

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Enjoyable but normal for a harlequin 3  3

I'd say this harlequin manga is pretty average compared to others I've read. It's enjoyable and worth the read but it doesn't really stand out as great in my eyes. The only thing I wished is that they spent a little more time with was the ending. I know it had to be massively shortened to fit a novel into a 1 volume manga and they did a good job with it for the most part, but the ending just felt kinda abrupt compared to the rest of the story. Otherwise it was a good read and well worth my time.

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