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Delicious 2

They divorced three years ago, but Penny has only just learned her ex-husband Cal’s secret: he has a seventeen-year-old daughter! Why did he keep this information hidden all these years? Penny still loves him, but Cal has his own set of worries. He loves Penny, but she found out about his daughter, Lindsey, in the worst way possible. And to make matters worse, Lindsey’s serious illness has come back. Determined not to hurt anyone, Cal feels stuck. Who will support him when he needs it most? Will Penny and Cal ever tell each other how they feel?

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actually good 4  4

This is part 2 of the story where we start off with learning her ex-husband has a teenage daughter. It's something she never knew and she had to learn it from the Hellion Harpy called the grandmother-in-law. Now, what I loved from the heroine was the fact that she doesn't take crud from the woman who all about getting her way through any means necessary. She's about tearing people down and throwing her weight around. However, the hero is no pushover and with every fight, she is the one with the last word. It was so good that I had to give the story a star just to read it. Now, the hero gets the knife from the heroine and he's working case. He didn't trust the heroine with private information, didn't try with having a baby with hero even though she was trying, and more. She just cuts him down and he deserved it. I mean, he was raised by the Hellion grandma to the point where he had to shut off expressing his feelings and thoughts to people. For the rest of the book, he gets told that he's an idiot and he admits it himself but he still screws up throughout the book. He does make progress by not giving up on the heroine like coming in for her ultrasound and actually seeing the parts in the heroine's life that he should have been active in the past. Frankly, I'm a little surprised she allowed him to be her support for the ultrasound. Then she becomes his support when the teenage daughter's cancer comes back. It's an emotional time and the heroine still is there for him. Especially when his daughter's adoptive mom wants to introduce him to the daughter as the biological father since he's been so good to them. Good news is that hero's a match for a transplant (bone marrow) but when given the opportunity to tell the girl he's her father, he doesn't because he didn't want to destroy the happiness she has with her parents. Then things go downward spiral south for the hero's younger sister when her husband just divorces her out of the blue, her grandmother out of cruelty tells her that she's the product of an affair between her mother and OM, and loses her job. So, the poor woman's confidence is shot because she took such pride in the family name and worked hard in order to have the grandma approve of her. The cherry on top is all the brothers knew about it but didn't tell her because they didn't want to hurt her. However, them keeping it a secret from her only has her believe they didn't care about her. That puts a real kink into everything but the heroine is there again with ice cream and tissues. Then the daughter comes and reveals she knows the hero's her dad and wants them to start out as friends. Afterwards, the Hellion Harpy comes in with a smile on her face and I wanted to call the police to see if any children were run over by car. The woman has one last trick with revealing about the hero's expansion and leaving town. The heroine finally decides tit for tat. She goes on about the woman married into the high end family but isn't the blood related to the family name but she doesn't stop there. She tells the Harpy that she knows before she married the heir, she was the hotel maid that was screwing with his father. I just laughed my head off because she just yanked all the skeletons out of that woman's closet right there. After the Hellion Harpy leaves in a huff, the heroine confronts the hero and tears him a new one. She leaves with the last word that of his word of love are worthless. The heroine is cuddled by friends, while the hero is beaten up bad by his brother. The fight does give his head enough air to clear and some decisions. First, he goes to the grandma to give her a long awaited piece of his mind. He even uses the B-word to describe her and has her shaking in fear when he leaves to own the family empire that has only her in it. Then he goes out to the hero where he pours his heart out to her. He begs for a second chance to love her and love her baby. The hero actually puts forward a pretty good emotional heartfelt speech. His words touch the heroine and she says yes to his proposal. It wasn't a bad story, despite all that happened.

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