Marriage at the Cowboy's Command

Passion Romance Marriage at the Cowboy's Command

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Command

Caitlyn is faced with the critical decision to sell her land—her home—to pay off her debts. Her only hope is financial support from a millionaire—the honorary son of an old sheik acquaintance of hers. But the man that comes to see her is her old boyfriend Luke! He was the traitor who worked for her father six years ago, but stole some money and ran away. And now he's fraternizing with the rich and famous? As she works to overcome the shock, Luke gazes coolly at her. He was the one who left Caitlyn, so why is he looking at her with such undisguised hatred in his eyes?

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cowboy turned sheikh 4  4

This story was definitely new. There is a hero who was once a ranch hand turned right hand man for a sheikh who has gone back to his hometown to the girl who apparently, by the mother of the heroine rejected him. The hero finds the heroine in the arms of another man, leaves then goes back to find her with a baby and the same man and leaves for a while, getting all powerful. Going to the present, the heroine is having financial troubles with her ranch. The hero who was adopted by a sheikh for saving his son was ordered by the sheikh to go help finance the ranch. On the way there, he meets the little boy who I give major brownie points because he falls off a huge horse, lies a little dazed, and then picks himself right back up. The hero is able to recognize the boy as his own and calls the sheikh to confirm it. The reunion of the heroine and hero is interesting because the heroine gets her foot caught in the rein of a skittish horse that goes running and the hero who gets a cool brownie point brings the face of fury and whip that makes the horse stop. The heroine sure gets the surprise that the sheikh's son is the hero. I like the old sheikh in this story because he is cool. It's very interesting of how it goes because the heroine does says that the boy is the hero's and there are some gaps between the two based on what happened six years ago. They both love each other but they're not sure is the other loves them. The heroine does allow the hero to read to the boy at night, which is sweet. It's so interesting watching these two fight because seeing from their points of view that the words coming out of their mouths are different from the thoughts in their heads. They're both stubborn. It's so sad and good that they have miscommunication and assumptions from each other six years ago. I love the old sheikh for coming to the defense of the heroine who was being mocked at a party for not having a new dress by their standards. I love the count, the countess, and their little girl for being so kind to the hero, heroine, and their little boy. It's so cute. I love the hero for protecting the heroine from the bad paparazzi. They do spend some time together and when they come together, the hero realizes that he pulled the heroine out of the countryside environment that she is used to and put her in the city life alone. The hero tells her to take some time off and go back to the ranch and with reluctance, she does. Her friend tells her that the heroine is being stupid on the idea that the hero doesn't love her. I love how the heroine takes the first step in saying that she loves the hero. The miscommunication is swept away and they realize that the other has been in love with them for a long time. They have a beautiful wedding. I think that the funniest part was the ex-girlfriend of the hero says because it's very different from what you would expect. This was a good story to read.

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