Kissed by A Stranger

Pure Romance Kissed by A Stranger

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Kissed by A Stranger

When local news anchor Sarah is involved in an explosive car accident, a mysterious benefactor comes to her aid. With a kiss of life, she's brought back to the world of the living with one question: who was that man? Former racing legend Luke Ansfield might have saved the day and spurred her interest, but their involvement will send her down the dark road that could lead to the destruction of her career and to the truth about his past. Will Sarah regret this kiss by a stranger, or will the pair race toward a brighter future together?

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becky's comment - July 25th, 2014

The story happened from a car accident which heroine was rescued by hero. However, as heroine is a famous anchor, hero kissed her in order to cover her face from cameras. Of course it didn't work, and the video was showed on television. After that heroine knows who exactly hero is. Hero was also a celebrity but decided to hide himself because of an accident to his fiancee. And this made him keep mass media and heroine away. The truth of the accident may be so shocking and the story is really exciting.

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media hater and journalist 4  4

The heroine is saved by a mysterious man and she wants to talk with him. Yet, he doesn't want to because she's a newscaster and anyone with a microphone and a camera are practically the devil's minions to him. She wants to do a report on him but he doesn't want since he's famous and it would be an invasion of his privacy. She respects his wishes but her newscast company and horrible competitor don't and air his identity behind both his and her backs. At first, the hero thinks the heroine went back on her word but he believes her when she tells him the truth and that she quit her job. He also decides to get a little payback by dangling the carrot in the higher ups faces to make them beg the heroine to come back. The heroine doesn't take the job back and the two leave with a smile. So, the hero offers the heroine a job to write his memoir and it gives them the perfect opportunity for them to get acquainted and close. Their time together also sprouts attraction and a pathway into their darker memories like the hero being accused by multiple papers of murdering his fiancee. The heroine sees how much he despises the media and unless she gives up her dreams and career, they'll never be together.then out of the blue, the hero fires the heroine in a gentle way but hurtful. Then the man escorts the heroine to an awards show where the heroine wins. Then the hero's house is broken into and the manuscript for the book is stolen. The whole thing gives the hero and heroine to take things to the next step but he disappears the next morning. The heroine finds out the reason he did was because they caught the burglar who turned out to be the heroine's competitor. Apparently, after she left, the ratings on the show dropped and the man bore a grudge against the heroine. It also wasn't the man's first time doing this kind of stuff. The heroine is offered her old job back but she wants to write novels. Later on, the hero looks at one of the heroine's memos pertaining to his fiancee's death that leads him to reopen the case. Then, the heroine turns on the tv to see the hero making a media appearance to reveal that it was the fiancee who orchestrated the kidnapping. He also confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. The heroine is so happy that she grabs her coat to see, only to find him standing at her front door. It was a very good ending and I liked how it went.

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