A Date With Destiny

Passion Romance A Date With Destiny

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A Date With Destiny

Salome's marriage to Ralph, a man thirty years her senior, was considered scandalous. While she lead a life of fun and leisure with Ralph, and their surprising divorce left her financially secure, it's not what she desires. When Salome looks into selling her apartment, she finds that her neighbor is Mike Angellini, a world-famous restaurateur who has always given her the cold shoulder. High society thinks Salome was a paid mistress, but she wants Mike to know the truth. Having donated all her money to charity, Salome wishes to put the past behind her, but will she find Mike's menu to be too appetizing?

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She's not what they see 4  4

The heroine is a recently divorced from her aged husband who asked for the divorce after four years of what seemed to be a good marriage. Even after a year, the heroine keeps getting more and more alimony payments when all she wants that word or information on how the ex-husband is doing. The heroine gets a flat, with the hero who's her neighbor and one of the men that the husband introduce her to. The heroine thinks that he's going to be like the rest of the people who judge her but he treats her well and invites her out for dinner, with no ulterior motives. Funny enough, after dinner it's not the bedroom or couch where things get hot but the elevator because a blackout stops everything. Sadly for the hero, just when things are getting good, the lights come back on and the heroine pushes the hero off, they have a large argument with the hero calling the heroine a trampy mistress and walking off. He does change his tune after the incident of the heroine banging on his door, asking for his help because the drunk and lecherous ex-husband's lawyer barged into her apartment to jump the heroine in bed. The hero gets the man out with the promise that he'll never bother the heroine, and with the copy of the key from the apartment she took. The whole incident does build a bridge that goes from a hot night of intercourse to the next morning of the hero asking the heroine to move in with him. The heroine hesitates because she watched her mother who she calls by her first name had every man who said something nice to her and when they moved in, they dumped her. They do find a comprise on the living arrangements and she's invited to his family's home. The large presence of and open and warm family does overwhelm her but she integrates herself well into the family. The hero and heroine go back to the apartment but he has to leave for work and the ex-husband's secretary bursts in the heroine's room in tears to notify her of the husband's passing. Apparently, the husband found out he had terminal cancer and he didn't want the heroine who he come to care as a friend and goddaughter live her life by taking care of him and seeing him waste away. The heroine reveals their marriage was based protecting each other: the husband wanted to hide his impotency and what better way than to have a very young ropy wife to show off. The heroine married the husband in order to see food that wasn't someone's left overs and wear new clothes. The hero confesses that he's has been in love with the heroine since he first saw her and the heroine replies that she's been in love with him too. Right then and there, the hero asks the heroine to marry him, she says yes, and we get a double wedding with the heroine's mom marrying her new beau who turns out to be a decent guy. It was fun to read if all a little too fast for me.

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I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one. 4  4

I tend to think that artists work on the same type of harlequins usually. So when I saw the art in this one I thought oh great. Another manga I will hate with a passion. (Purchased for Revenge just might be the all time worst Harlequin manga and it has the same artist. A rapist male lead with a happy ending... you must be kidding.) I almost closed this manga before giving it a shot... I'm glad I didn't though. It was really good and despite how much I really hated the Purchased for Revenge story (one of the other harlequin manga by this artist). I do really like the art created by this artist. The characters in this one were really good. Both characters seemed to have come from a not so wealthy family but they turn out well and they are really good for each other in this one. I'm happy I read it and would enjoy reading it again sometime.

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Nice 4  4

Nice read, I enjoyed it.

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