The Spanish Consultant

Pure Romance The Spanish Consultant

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The Spanish Consultant

Katy Westerling is shocked to see who her doctor is when she arrives at the hospital after an injury. It is none other than Jago Rodriguez—her ex-lover and, apparently, an ex-banker. When had he become a doctor? Eleven years has passed since their passionate affair, but he is still dangerously attractive. Katy cannot believe her fate—she is due to start work in his department in two weeks’ time.

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Sarah Morgan is a British writer of more than eighty romance novels and mainstream women's fiction from 2000. Morgan was a nurse before she started writing after the birth of her first son.] She lives with her husband and two sons near London. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her professional background as a nurse is also reflected in her doctoral romances. Her specialty is contemporary romances, told in a humorous and sensual way. Many of her romances, such as the From Manhattan with love series, are based in New York City Morgan's favorite city. Her books were translated in several languages and sold more than 18 million copies worldwide.

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a career change 3.5 4  4

The hero and heroine were once lovers when the heroine was in her late teens and the hero in his late twenties, however, he broke up with her without ever saying why. Now, after 11 years, they are reunited when the heroine gets into a car accident and the hero is her doctor. It's quite a career change, considering her father at the time was grooming him to be a business man. He's coldhearted to the heroine, still believing she's the cheating woman he gave his heart to and holds that stand when the heroine's fiancée comes in with flowers but the heroine is only marrying him in the first place because he won't give her the love like the hero did and therefore, she won't get hurt. However, the joke is on the hero when he faces the heroine again as the new doctor at his hospital when her previous career was modeling. The hero thinks that she can't take the heat in the A&E but she handles herself well, he still compliments when she freezes in one incident. Then the truth comes out when the heroine confronts the hero on why he left her without a warning and he shows her the pictures given by her father of her with another man in bed. The heroine admits that it's her but the pictures are from a magazine article that was promoting safe sex. He doesn't get why the father would do it but the heroine points that he's a man like has high standards and likes to go things his way and the hero didn't meet his standards, nor having his daughter be serious about the hero was the path of going his way. The heroine shouts at him for what he left her to deal and goes. The hero ponders that she might have been pregnant but only confirms when he tricks the heroine's twin sister into revealing that the she suffered a miscarriage when she fell down the stairs when she was fighting with the father. Then there's more talk and the hero saying that she can't marry a man she doesn't love, kisses her, and then leaves. The heroine breaks off her engagement when the fiancée comments to wear her hair a certain way to make it look right but doesn't tell the hero since it's none of his business. Now, the hero is on a mission to win the heroine back and starts by whisking her away to a convention from the fiancée (now ex) with him. So one thing leads to another and the two start sharing a bed without the confirmation of "I love you." However, the hero takes her to see his family and she learns the backstory of how his birth mother cheated on his father who killed both her and her lover then himself. So, his aunt (whom he calls mother) took him away from all the nasty gossiping gabbies to start anew in a country whose language she didn't even speak. What a brave and loving woman, give her a high five! The heroine remembers that hero's aunt was her family's housekeeper who disappeared right after the hero. Then the hero proposes they get married after learning that she's not engaged to the other man because they're good together and not the I love you. The heroine is hesitant but agrees to his proposal. However, the tables are turned when the father comes at the heroine, ordering her to marry the OM and the hero is only marrying her as an act of revenge against him. The heroine completely takes the father's words over the hero's, not remembering that the father is only using the same tactic on her as he did the hero 11 years ago. She takes back her agreement then the father is rushed into the hospital, where are after some hassling from his wife does he reveal that his deeds of separating them and that the two are in love with each other. The two are given a private moment where they confess their love to each other and have a happy ending.

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