Mistress of the Groom

Romance Mistress of the Groom

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Mistress of the Groom

After trying to save her best friend from a loveless marriage, Jane Sherwood has been constantly harassed by the upset groom, Ryan Blair. From bankrupting her to having her kicked out from her apartment, Ryan has been getting his revenge for the past three years. One night, Jane decides she needs some revenge of her own and punches Ryan so hard it leaves her hand injured. To make up for such a humiliating spectacle, Ryan attempts to make Jane his mistress and takes care of her while she heals. Just how much more suffering will Ryan put her through? Is he really trying to get revenge or is there something else behind his actions?

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editor's comment - September 5th, 2014

It is though a Harlequin comic, I found it is a funny story in some way. Heroine is full of pride but thoughtful for friend. She met hero three years ago on a wedding ceremony of her friend. She ruined the wedding because she claimed that she is hero's, the groom, mistress. And that made her and hero taking revenges to each other. In one of trap hero set up for her, she got herself into danger because of her pride, and in the end hero saved her. After that, they found themselves are actually love each other. The ending is so special unlike the other Harlequin stories. Oh, what I think funny is that heroine always got hurt when she saw hero, and the way she got hurt is really funny.

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fiery heroine with comical sense 5  5

I actually really enjoyed this one because it's not every harlequin that begins with the heroine giving the hero a good sucker punch at his birthday party, even more funny that his bodyguard complimented her on the punch and opened the door to her. So, the heroine has reason for this although, some of it is her fault but a lot of it rests with her greedy and selfish dad. In the beginning, the heroine poses as the hero's mistress on his wedding day to her best friend because the best friend is being forced to marry the hero by her materialistic parents. The whole wedding is ruined and the friend runs off with her true love, leaving the heroine harassed and put down by everyone. So, in revenge for her father's part in his father's death (people believe it was suicide so the hero's family could get money after the heroine's father drove them in bankruptcy. The hero's mother knows it was just an accident) and has taken everything from the heroine and left her with heavy debts. Now, he runs after her to give her a kiss in front of the paparazzi so they can write lover's spat instead of heroine getting back at the hero through his punch. If that weren't enough, he's having her evicted out of her shabby apartment that's the third time. Not only that, he's made sure that no temp agency will hire her with his standing and even has hires to act as entertainment for a old playboy man, not even a good looking one. The heroine goes along with it, which surprises and angers the hero. The first decent thing he did was go into the hotel room and save the heroine through a lie. Then he decides to "evaluate" her skills in the bedroom and we all know what happens next. Then he discovers her busted hand and becomes a decent guy again by calling the doctor. This is really a comical sense with the hero being flabbergasted and the bodyguard laughing his head off. Now, the hero's eyes are clear and he wants to take care of the heroine. He'll offer her an apartment and see her on the weekends, meaning he wants her to be his actual mistress. The heroine refuses and disappears from the hero. He can't find her till he sees her by accident at a little beach cottage not too far from one of his mansions. Now, she's got two busted hands and he becomes her caregiver with doing the laundry, cooking, checking on her wounds, while he's still working as the CEO. We meet the hero's sister who's less than happy of situation with the hero and heroine in it. Apparently, she's like the hero of getting revenge on the heroine's father(who's been dead for a while) by hurting the heroine (doesn't make sense because she's not the one who ruined their father's company.). The mother is the only one in the family with who doesn't blame the heroine, not even for ruining her son's wedding day. Then the heroine and hero have a intimate moment and the next thing the hero says is dumb. He wants to marry her in order to cool their feelings down? The heroine says that the marriage thing will be his finally act of revenge against her, which hurts the hero indefinitely. So, he stops and the heroine realizes she loves him. Then at another party, the heroine goes up to the hero and reveals that she's in love with him and he reveals that he's in love with her. We end with them holding each other.

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LOVED the female Lead! 5  5

Normally I have issues with the female leads cause I am very picky but this female lead was exceptional. This woman was feminine but still super strong. I smiled all the way through this story. She was exceptional. Usually when they attempt to make a strong spirited woman they go overboard and give her some horrible characteristics along with it. This female lead was still very feminine, she didn't contradict herself mentally all the time and she had pride in who she was. I liked the interaction between the male lead and his family and the female lead. I loved that when she started beating around the bush at his proposal that he didn't grovel on the ground for her. He just walked away. They always draw out that part which usually irritates me. The whole story was exceptional and I would happily read it again.

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Funny, in a way really heartwarmingly romantic 5  5

True, it's a nasty plot. He dragged her to poverty, even sold her to some dirty old man! And he said he'd pay for her like a prostitute? Really mean! But well, I can't help loving how he tried to make it up for Jane. The funniest part for me was when his sister came into the scene and found his brother serving Jane like a slave. Intelligible twists in plot. Hoshiai did a great job retelling this mildly frustrating story in the funny light and had ended it lightheartedly into a happy ending.

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