The Prince's Convenient Bride

Romance The Prince's Convenient Bride

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The Prince's Convenient Bride

Jacoba is a model. Wearing a crimson dress, she awaits her entrance during the filming for a perfume commercial, but the actor she's supposed to work with can't make it. Suddenly, a handsome man appears and intimates that he is Jacoba's partner...and his name is Prince Marco of Illyria! He runs the very business conglomerate that makes the perfume. The two of them move as one until the shoot is over, but Jacoba fears that he might learn of her tumultuous heritage. If he finds out, it could start a hideous blood feud!

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Secrets to bear 3  3

The hero is interested in the supermodel heroine who has a strong guard against men but seems fine to be with a man who has other girlfriends. The heroine has been frightened her whole life and becomes even more frightened when the hero comes into her life and tries to get to know her. She is afraid to let him in because he's from the family that took over her mother's country from her tyrannical, cruel, selfish father who was the dictator. The heroine's mother was forced to marry him when he took her parents hostage but when she had a baby girl, he chased them out of the country. She knows that even with modernizing and healing is what's happening in the country, she also knows there are vengeful people against the old dictator who would take their anger and pain out on her. So, she tries to keep the hero away with lies and cold shoulders but he doesn't give up. He even comes to her place to comfort her when he the "boyfriend" is marrying a member of his family. However, the heroine confesses that the "boyfriend" has been her longtime childhood friend and it's been just that. They have a hot night of passion but it cools when a package is sent to their place with a paparazzi magazine in it. Apparently, a bitter paparazzi creep who hated the heroine for not giving him a hot night finds out about her past and has the story plastered on every front page. The hero is shocked and has the heroine quickly escorted to his home country under his supervision in order to protect her from not just gossiping Gabbys but also from people who hate the dictator. It kind of begged the question of why would the hero take the heroine to the country where a majority of the Dictator haters live, if his goal is to protect her???? Once, they reach the country, the hero's idea is to have them married in order to avoid a blood feud. The heroine agrees and for a moment, there's a bit of tension between the two but they managed to meet headway. Then on the day of the wedding, the heroine is kidnapped by one of the Dictator haters who is ready to pull the trigger. She is saved by the hero but asks him to grant the man mercy because he's just a hurt man with open wounds left by the heroine's father. The hero and heroine hug and kiss and start their life off anew.

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