The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress

Romance The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress

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The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress

As revenge for wounding his pride, he just wants to use me as his plaything... When Ella's sister and her husband die in an accident, Ella is reunited with Greek businessman Aristandros, who is given guardianship of the daughter they left behind. A man who she had once promised to marry. His beautiful black hair and chiseled features are the same, but his cold eyes are more striking than ever. When Ella works up the nerve to ask to have access to her niece, Aristandros presents her with an unbelievable proposal. "If you become my mistress in Greece, we can discuss an arrangement."

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editor's comment - September 12th, 2014

Heroine donated eggs to her sister who married to cousin of hero. However they both died in an accident. After knowing that, heroine wanted to get back the child, but then she found that the custody belongs to father's cousin, hero. And she once turned down the marriage with hero as she would like to continue her job as a doctor. Hero asked heroine to be his mistress as he knew that heroine wanted the child badly. During their time with the child, heroine understood that hero loved the kid very much, and also how he loved her. And she finally understood that what hero did was not revenge but love.

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An opportunity he won't waste 3  3

The hero and heroine were once engaged to be married but the heroine called off the engagement(enraging not only the hero but also her cruel stepfather) because she learned that he planned to have her give up her dream of becoming a doctor to be a full-time housewife and mother. Now, I doubt she was opposed to the idea of being a mom or cleaning up the house but she couldn't give up the dream that drew her closer to her dearly departed father. So, she calls off the engagement without telling the hero why and they don't see each other till the hero's brother and the heroine's sister die in a car accident, leaving behind their little girl who happens to be the heroine's biological daughter. Apparently, the heroine signed a contract that by giving her egg to the infertile sister, she lost all parental rights to the child. This is the writing that has the heroine as the hero's mercy. She goes to the hero and ask to see the little girl but the hero has a list of conditions for the heroine to follow like being his mistress and quitting her job. The heroine is backed into a corner because she wants to be there for the little girl as a great role model but she loses the job she worked so hard for. However, she goes along and becomes his mistress. She leans from the hero that the sibling's marriage had fallen apart by the time of the accident because the sister reject the baby girl and the brother couldn't accept the reality of it. The hero also says that the sister's cruel behavior to the heroine was of jealousy since it was the heroine not the sister who caught the hero's eye. It takes one night with the big wigs for the hero and heroine to fall back into bed with each other. They also finally open up about their sad pasts and the heroine reveals why she cancelled their engagement. Later on, when the heroine is about to go to the Opera, she's called into a emergency situation that keeps her from attending. She rushes to her destination to find another woman in a towel. She thinks the hero's made his word on being with other woman and leaves. The hero tracks her down and they open up. The hero that he got word of the surgery and explains the OW is a cousin. He also says that he wants to make the contract invalid because he can't deny his feelings any longer. He ask the heroine to marry him and she happily accepts his proposal.

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