Secret Nights at Nine Oaks

Romance Secret Nights at Nine Oaks

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Secret Nights at Nine Oaks

Ever since losing his wife five years ago, Cain Blackmon, a young and wealthy Southerner, has lived shut away inside his mansion. The media even calls him the "most well-known hermit in the South." Once, Phoebe had shared an unforgettable kiss with him—except he married another woman afterward, leaving Phoebe heartbroken. Now, Phoebe is being hounded by the press, and takes refuge in Cain's mansion. But Cain seems determined to completely ignore her during her stay...

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she brought back life 4  4

The heroine is in face of trial with the media hounds on her tail, labeling her as an attention seeker because of the man she's accusing of assault. Her friend sends her to her brother's impenetrable fortress of the South who's been a hermit ever since his wife's death five years ago. This will be the first meeting for the hero and heroine since their last time together nine years ago when the heroine kissed the hero and he coldly rejected her. The hero isn't the best the host that the heroine points out loudly to his staff who voices her comments to the hero. Other than that, she's a real treat to the staff, having dinner when the hero refuses and communicating with them on a daily basis; something the hero's late wife never did. He starts comparing to how the heroine is bringing back life to his home, which for him spells danger because he wants to remain in the dark as a way of dealing wight he guilt for killing his wife. However, the heroine is bold and upfront with him on his behavior and manners. For example, when he comments on her shameless outfit (her bikini), she whips off the towel part to give him a full view and calls her outfit a legitimate culturally important fashion. It was quite funny and it doesn't stop there. The heroine also calls the hero out on his thinking of being responsible for his wife's death when the fault was her own. For one thing: they only got married because she lied to him that she was pregnant and he did to do the right thing and the lie was discovered later on. However, that was only a factor in their already failing marriage because she was demanding, materialistic, stubborn, and self-centered person. They got into a big fight that seemed to be about how the hero and his staff not respecting her and really, why would they when you are so rude and demanding. So, she gets into a rowboat, despite both her and the hero knowing she can't swim and the hero leaves her because he's done dealing with her. They found her body the next morning and he blames himself for not stopping but considering how she was, I doubt he could have made her get out of that boat. However, the heroine breaks his mindset that it's his fault and helps him regain life like going out on a picnic and nightly activities because the both haven't had any in a long time. The hero also helps the heroine out with her current situation with the trial because when he hears how the guy nearly got her; he sells his share of stocks at the man's company, gets the heroine a better lawyer, and walks with her as her support to the courtroom. It's very sweet, considering the man hasn't left his mansion for five years. Afterwards, the two of them confess their love and we have an ending scene with them getting married.

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Beautiful art.. masochist leads lol 4  4

A lovestory that shouldve started and had a happily ever after almost a decade earlier but instead, these two extremely beautiful people would rather dose themselves with their own self made punishment of being with people they dont love lol. Goodness so they were both inlove with each other for the longest time. Why so emo handsome count? And im sorry but seriously he didnt give his loyal workers a vacation for the past 5-9 years for real bruh? I guess Phoebe has a knack of turning handsome men a bit cray... No seriously.. the handsome trev guy and even Cain's description of what he felt for her..the whole I wanna lock you up so no other men can ever touch you.. i wanna keep you to myself spiel wouldve been super creepy if Cain wasnt so handsome and Phoebe wasnt in love with him LOL. harlequin logic but yeah.. Happy ending for them. Giving this 4/5 only because I like the art and the bit about his loyal servants were just so cute!

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❤️ 5  5


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