Desert King, Doctor Daddy

Pure Romance Desert King, Doctor Daddy

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Desert King, Doctor Daddy

The identity behind the anonymous person who had donated an incredible sum to the medical facility where Genma worked was none other than a desert sheikh with a prestigious name. Just when he makes his appearance, he tells her that he would like her to quit this facility and come back to his homeland with him. He takes her to his kingdom, which is surrounded by golden sand and the beautiful blue sea, and decorated with roses. Genma realizes that he brought her here because of her medical talents, but she can't help but feel an attraction to him. This will not work out... We are too different...

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what the heroine wants. 4  4

I really liked this heroine in this because of her strength, intelligence, and caring personality. She has opened up a clinic for immigrant women, especially for the pregnant and a birth clinic. They rely on donations from various people, one of them happens to be the hero who visits the clinic and gets to see first hand how the heroine well handled the husband of a patient. She only learns of his royal name after her assistant reveals it. Then he comes up with a proposition: he wants her to come to his country to help promote medical assistance to the women and build a hospital that women can go to without fear. The heroine first hesitates but he makes a very persuasive stand when he shows the heroine a picture of a baby whose mother died because there was no hospital where the mother could have gone to get the medical care she would have been provided. The heroine doesn't learn until later that the baby is really the hero's daughter and before he become the Sheikh, he was a surgeon who traveled all over it seems Africa and the Middle East to help those who weren't close to hospitals or clinics. So, the heroine agrees and off they travel to the Middle East. The hero was very comforting to the heroine when they flew because of her fear of flying and planes. Not a moment before the heroine reaches the palace that her skills are called on to heal the very same baby. I wasn't pleased with the baby's great aunt raising a ruckus over the heroine holding the baby because 1) the baby is sick and she's the doctor, 2) it's not like she's carrying a virus or anything, and 3) the baby's health is number #1 priority. This is where the heroine learns that the baby is the hero but it doesn't stop her from nurturing and caring for her. The next morning, the baby is fine and the great aunt who turns out to be the mother to one of the hero's half brothers, whose fraction is against the hero becoming sheikh, despite the brother giving him the thumbs up. Later that morning, the hero and heroine go out to meet some of the locals and introduce the heroine to the women and see what they need & want for a new hospital. What I liked is the heroine respecting the culture and traditions by wearing a shawl over her head. Everything goes fine until the bomb goes off and that starts the realization between the two of how attracted they are to each other. When the heroine is working, she learns that the hero's late wife died because the doctor sent by the King had a large ego and didn't listen to her suffering. Later that night, the hero and heroine have a discussion on the recent surfacing of new feelings for each other. The heroine asks about his late wife and the hero admits that it was an arranged marriage but he deeply respected his wife (example is the roses he planted in her name in the garden) but what he felt for the wife is not the same of how he feels for the heroine. The heroine takes it that he wants a love affair but she wants more in the relationship and rejects him. So, first the hero sends her gifts then takes her to a isolated island, where he asks her to view him not as a king but as a man. The heroine accepts his offer and they have a wonderful time until he offers the heroine a chance to be his lover. He thinks it's the perfect solution because no one in the country will look down on him for having a foreign lover and she can leave when she is ready. In the heroine's mind: Lover = mistress, Mistress= casual fling and can be thrown away. Deeply insulted, the heroine runs away from the hero after giving him an earful of how much he insulted her then takes a canoe back to the mainland. The hero is stumped on why would his offer insult the heroine. The two of them stay apart until the hero's right hand calls the heroine for help because the hero went falconing with his brother's right hand and the hero's right hand is worried that they may done him in. They are able to find him beaten and bruised but alive. Once, they're at the hospital and the hero is out of danger, all the eyes of the bigwigs peer down at the heroine but after some encourage from the right hand, the heroine stays by the hero's side. When the hero wakes up to her face, he asks the heroine to be his wife. Later, the heroine asks the late wife's sister if the wife was happy, the sister responds that she was despite it being an arranged marriage, the hero was faithful to her and she was happy about the pregnancy. The sister also gives her support to the hero and heroine's romance and I say hip hip. Finally, after a positive media announcement about the hero and heroine's romance, the heroine goes to the hero and says yes to his proposal. I did like this one.

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