The Greek's Blackmailed Wife

Romance The Greek's Blackmailed Wife

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The Greek's Blackmailed Wife

After their whirlwind romance in a tropical paradise, Lauranne O'Neill married Zander Volakis, the CEO of Volakis Industries. When Zander betrayed Lauranne, she packed her bags and ran away. For five whole years the two never spoke to each other. Suddenly, Zander arrives with a threatening job offer she can't turn down. While the two are playing nice for the sake of a business transaction, buried feelings resurface and their romance is given new life.

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never got divorced 4  4

These two individuals never got divorced even though their marriage only last a month that was five years ago from the present. The only reason why the hero goes to the heroine is to use her company to help improve his image so that a very family oriented, rich, greek, elderly man will sell his island to the hero. The heroine is against it at first but the hero blackmails her company that she and the male friend have built up together. The heroine tries to forget the fact that she's still in love with the hero since he was cheating on her with her boss. This causes her to run out and into the male friend, she gets drunk and kisses the male friend. Unfortunately, the hero comes in on that kiss, beats the male friend into the hospital, and the couple separate. The heroine and her company do a good job in improving the hero's image. Then the hero pushes the heroine to act as husband and wife again. They go to the island, spend some quality time, and are able to reconnect. The elderly greek man meets the couple along with his right hand and best worker: the heroine's ex-boss and the one who was in the bathrobe with the hero showering. The poor heroine can tell that the woman still wants the hero and tells her to leave them alone. The hero and heroine come clean about the day they broke up and the heroine learns that the hero was never with the ex-boss, in face he was disgusted by the small of her powerful perfume that he had to take a shower in wash off the poisonous gas. Then the male friend comes and mud hit the fan. The heroine knows that the elderly man isn't going to give the island but she puts up a fight, telling the man what an amazing man the hero is and the reason why he's buying the island is that it's his grandmother's home. Then the heroine runs off and has a little along time. The male friend comes by and tells her the truth: the hero suspected the OW's malicious schemes, so he catches the male friend first and not only explains everything but apologizes for decking him. So, the troublesome twosome go out to trap the OW and they do wonderful job. The confession between the two was so sweet and what was just as sweet was the fact the elderly man was holding onto the island for the hero only because of a favor from the hero's father who lost the island from the divorces from greedy women. We fast forward with the bro and heroine who have grown stronger, all their friends are together, and the OW is being used for her exceptional skills in finding new resort locations like the jungle. A good book to read, indeed.

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