His Miracle Baby

Pure Romance His Miracle Baby

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His Miracle Baby

"Is your new lover keeping you prisoner out here in the sticks?" Ellie is dumbstruck when confronted with the cold words of her ex-boyfriend, his eyes full of scorn. It's been over a year since she left him in an attempt to flee. These days Morgan Stafford is a successful writer with millions—and his name is plastered throughout the tabloids every week with rumors of a new celebrity scandal. The only thing tainting his otherwise perfect good looks is deep-seated anger from having his pride shattered. Morgan believes Ellie left him for another man. Little does he know the real reason concerns him more than he can comprehend. And it's a secret Ellie must keep from him at all cost.

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Classic lack of communication tale 3  3

SPOILERS INCLUDED: This is another story that is a classic lack of communication. Not that it’s a bad story, but you get frustrated with all the heartache that happens because people won’t/are afraid to talk. The hero doesn’t want children because he fears a genetic condition that could be passed on, but he doesn’t bother to explain this to the heroine, after all they’re not married, are aren’t going to be, even though he cares about her more than any other woman he’s ever known. That’s frustrating, but I think it’s the heroine who frustrated me the most. When she gets pregnant, she doesn’t want to tell the hero because she’s afraid she’ll be rejected. So instead of risking the pain of rejection, she removes herself from the hero’s life altogether, letting him believe the most painful assumption possible to force the split, and plans to never see him again. If you’re going to take such a drastic action as to separate yourself completely from the one you love and never see them again, is it not worth speaking up and exploring the chance that you WON’T be rejected, however small that chance might be? Instead of making your partner DEFINITELY feel the agony you feared yourself. To her credit, the hero could be quite jerkish, putting words in her mouth an all, but it still felt pretty selfish. But as to his jerkishness, yeah. He had a bad habit of making presumptions and deciding they were fact without getting any evidence or input. There is one point he even says he realized he jumped to an assumption, and then falls back on that assumption in his very next sentence without even giving her a chance to answer. In fact, he’s so busy finishing her sentences, he never gives her a chance tell him the truth in anything more than short outbursts, but unfortunately none of those contain the information he needs to hear. And then there is her being upset that he can’t figure it out for himself when she has given him the wrong numbers for the formula. It takes a third person to correct the error and THEN resolution is finally in sight. It wasn’t a bad story as ‘baby came first’ stories go, after all, like most Harlequin’s, it has the happy ending that real life doesn’t normally provide, but honestly, it feels like every one of these stories should be a cautionary tale to not climb in the bed before the vows, because it really does open the door to a lot of potential heartache regardless of whether it ends up with a happy ‘The End’ or not.

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moved 4  4

I found this story to be very sweet with how the two separated and reconnected with each other. The heroine was in a relationship with the hero who put up the no kids and no ring. The heroine doesn't know why and when she finds out her pregnancy, she decides to choose to be with the child rather than with the hero. The heroine sets to leave and won't tell the hero why and he comes up with the conclusion that she's leaving him for another man. They separate on bad terms but come across each other by coincidence out of town. The heroine ends up being his housekeeper and they slowly starts to reconnect but the heroin hides the big secret of the secret baby. The hero meets the little girl and he takes a liking to her but the heroine mishears the hero is only spending the time with the little girl to get back with the heroine. So, she breaks their fragile bond but the hero learns that the baby is his by accident. The whole information has him leave in a both a huff but a confused daze. He comes back to find the heroine is taking the little girl to the hospital who turns out to have contracted meningitis. I liked the next few scenes of them clearing up misunderstandings and feelings toward each other. Then hero explains his no kids rule came from having an abusive father who carried a genetic mental illness and he didn't want to pass such a disease to his children till he learned that his mother constant philandering saved him because he wasn't the father's son. The heroine opens up about her fears when she found out she was pregnant and the OM the hero thought she was seeing was really the OM's girlfriend for advice. By morning, the little girl is out of the woods and the hero is learning the world of diapers and wiggling baths. I loved the private and public proposal scene from the hero. It's all very romantic and I loved the ending.

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i dont know why but I was moved by this story 5  5

Ellie is a great heroine. Choosing her child over her most beloved man shows that she is going to be likeable. Though a lot of their issues would have solved itself had she come forth and tell him but the journey they took to mend the wounds and heal is very sweet and endearing. Rosie is adorable.. I think this story just shows that in most cases once you see your beautiful offspring smiling back at you, you cant help but just forget about everything and smile back...loving her/him comes naturally. Morgan is so dense. LOL... it took him such a long time before he put things together haha but Im glad they got a second chance.. happy family )

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