The Billionaire's Christmas Gift

Seasonal Romance The Billionaire's Christmas Gift

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The Billionaire's Christmas Gift

“Why won’t you accept my invitation?” When the sinfully handsome billionaire Nick makes an advance on Beth, her heart flutters. They’d only just met a few days ago. Nick had hit Beth with his car and then pressured her to join him for Christmas. Ever since Beth lost her husband two years ago in an accident, she’s turned her back on people and any chance of romance. But just being next to this man, who smells of danger, she can’t help how her body reacts, even if her heart is saying no. She’d already made up her mind not to ever fall in love again…hadn’t she?

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editor's comment - October 3rd, 2014

It reminds me a saying, which is “Where there is a will, there is a way." Actually this is also mentioned in the story by hero's daughter. And the saying is also indicated what hero did when he found he fell in love with heroine. Heroine, who is teacher of hero's daughter, is single, and so as hero. Therefore the story happened before a Christmas that hero's daughter wants to invite her teacher home for the party. However heroine kept on refusing and in fact, hero didn't want to either. But when the first time hero and heroine met each other, because of an accident, they just fell in love with each other. As you may know, both of them are widow and widower, they decided not to get into relationship again. However because of hero's daughter's help, hero finally made a decision and proposed to heroine. And heroine faced to herself and accepted hero in the end. What a wonderful, lovely, Christmas story.

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Christmas can be a hard holiday 3  3

When your birthday is on Christmas, it's hard to enjoy when your friends can't come to celebrate and it's what this little girl is suffering. The hero's daughter can't invite her friends over but she insists inviting her biology teacher, the widowed heroine to enjoy Christmas because she's been along on holidays for the last few years. The hero has the impression that he'll be talking to a woman of fifty and not a woman in her mid twenties. It was funny when he called to invite and ask to her to decline the invitation that the same woman who fell in front of his car is the teacher he was calling. Ironic thing is when she declines without him hinting it, he now wants her to come to the Christmas. They spend time together both with the little girl and without the girl. During this time between the beginning of winter vacation and Christmas ( around 1-2 weeks, I think), they learn more and more about each other. They also help deal with each other's struggles like the heroine having to move onward from losing both husband and parents from the car accident from two years and the hero trying to be a mom and a dad to his little girl. They also deal with each other's different wants for the future; for example, the heroine still want to find a man who will love and make a happy family but the hero doesn't due to his last loveless marriage with his materialist wife. Luckily, it take the little girl to act as cupid for push her father into going after the heroine. The two of them talk their feelings out and find a connection strong enough to pull them together. It's a short sweet romance and I found it decent enough.

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