Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby

Romance Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby

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Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby

You held me so close that one day, yet you feel so far away now… Felicity visits the embassy of the Middle Eastern country of Zaraq in search of a job as a midwife. At the orientation, she encounters a man who leaves a big impression on her. Even in a dark room lit only by a glowing screen, she notices his striking features and soft, sweet scent. With this stranger from a foreign country, she learns the pleasure of making love for the first time in her life. That dreamlike night, Felicity had no idea that the beautiful man who had taken her innocence was the sheikh of a desert kingdom…

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condoms 3  3

The hero and heroine meet in Europe when they rescue a mother and baby from a car accident with the car about to explode. They talk and we have the sweep the Cinderella off her feet for the first night for the hero and heroine that ends in a one night stand arrangement. The heroine stays this one night stand to heart by taking the flowers left behind by the heroine and having them preserved in a box. Now, the heroine is traveling the somewhere it seems in middle East and they're allowing the heroine to bring flowers (a foreign plant into the country without permits or something) I'm sorry, I understand about food but plant life, really? The heroine learns the hero is a prince of the country she'll be working at. Plus, when they meet again, he walks right past her without a second glance until she faints and then they get the big news: the heroine is pregnant and the hero doesn't believe it's his because they used condoms. I don't know how good the most expensive condoms are in the world but I do know that condoms are on 97% effective with that little 3% to make a big difference. He pushes for a DNA test like tomorrow but the heroine refuses to do it but until after the baby is born because there's a high risk of damage to the fetus when doing a DNA test at such an early stage but the hero doesn't care. The only reason the hero goes back to the heroine is because he comes up with a plan to use the heroine's baby (still doesn't believe its his until DNA tests show otherwise) as the heir to his country's kingdom because his brother and wife have been unable to conceive. He pressures the heroine into marrying and signing a marriage document and here I am shouting at the heroine, don't sign it till you read the whole thing and UNDERSTAND it. Yet, she does and they go off into the desert where the heroine can't escape from him. The hero is being so stupidly stubborn and dumb in itself because he is going off the fact that the child can't be his since he has sworn off having children until his childless brother. Plus, he's in the medicine field, so the he can do the add and subtract mathematics it takes to figure out if the growth of the fetus matches with the date of conception between the hero and heroine. In short time period, the hero sees the heroine as she truly is and happy over the fact she understand he desire not to be King. As the they grow closer, the hero and heroine are called back to the King, where the heroine learns from the king of the hero's plan to separate her from her child. She doesn't believe this at first because they're coming from the words of a man in pain and probably drugged from pain meds. Then she overhears the brother talking to the hero of how the heroine will be compensated for her giving up her child. As much as she's horrified by this newfound news, the heroine keeps her head down and lies to the hero about what the King says and waits for the opportunity for her to head back to the western world. However, on the way, she suffers a near-miscarriage but the hero gets the news that it was a miscarriage from not the airport managers but also from the heroine herself. The hero runs after her and we have our confrontation. The heroine tells the hero of what she heard and the hero tells her the day before the surgery that he wasn't going to give them the child. He admits his foolishness, gets down on one knee, and professes that he's in love with the heroine. They are able to reconnect and the heroine admits she's still happy, which makes the hero very happy. We do have our ending with a cute little girl and the brother's wife being pregnant with a little boy. It's a happy ending for all. Note: the effectiveness of a condom is also lowered when it's been punctured with a needle (apparently, the last lover of hero did it to trap him in a marriage but the hero got the condom)

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