A Stormy Greek Marriage

Romance A Stormy Greek Marriage

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A Stormy Greek Marriage

Return to the wonderful world of Speros Island, and meet the newly wedded Alexei and Bliss "Billie" Drakos. Within hours, their marriage hits a big storm when Billie confesses to Alexei that her nephew, Nikolos, is actually her—and Alexei's—son from a night of unforgettable passion. Except Alexei doesn't remember... He fell down the stairs, hit his head and developed amnesia! Will Alexei accept Niko as his own, or will he run to the arms of the conniving Calisto? Billie is determined to steer the course of this stormy Greek marriage...

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editor's comment - October 17th, 2014

This is the second part of “The Pregnancy Shock." In “The Pregnancy Shock", hero and heroine finally got married, however, heroine still didn't tell hero about their baby.
At the beginning of “A Stormy Greek Marriage", heroin told hero about the baby in a bad situation as hero found that heroine was not a virgin. But because of hero's amnesia, he couldn't remember anything and thought heroine was lying to him. After he saw the result of DNA test, he finally realized and accepted his kid. However heroine thought that hero did this just because of he wants the heritage and wanted to divorce him. Would hero accept this? And what would heroine do?

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It was ridiculous. 1  1

If I was judging this by new criticism then novel would have been excellent, however, I didn't and I believe that it was too much. It was like a mid-day soap opera. I just couldn't believe that in the beginning of the first few pages that the hero made a comment that he never touched the heroine. I just wanted to bang my head on the table and say, "Really?" I feel so sorry for the heroine because of all the skeletons in the closet. In my opinion, for keeping this all from the hero and not getting enough evidence before they tied the knot is just begging for a disaster. Plus, people on all sides are practically insulting at her own wedding. The heroine's mother is no better with getting drunk at the wedding. I really don't like the mother one bit. Then it just becomes worse because he was expecting her to be a virgin. He throws a fit, thinking about how she all was and starts to come up with assumptions like the plural form of "man". It's so stupid. Then the heroine decides to come clean about everything like their child. I'm thinking, "A little too late." I can see from the hero's point of view that it's hard to trust someone that betrayed you on a event that the person can't even remember. What I can't believe is that the hero forces the heroine to choose between her child and him. That is just horrible. They have dinner then sex. There is something wrong there because the next morning, the paper comes in with the rumor of another man being the baby's father of one picture they took of the hero talking to this guy. What does the hero do? He throws a fit even though he was in Paris with his ex-fiancee. His answer to the heroine's question on what was he doing with his ex-fiancee is, "I don't need to explain,". I can't believe that he walks out on her. The stupid mother is the one that sold that story for money. Again: horrible mother. Once. the hero finds out from DNA testing that the baby is his, he just rushes over to see the baby and demands to see. I didn't like how the aunt gave in. I would have kept him at bay till the heroine came back. The heroine also gets a lot of false news from the hero's ex-fiancee on taking the baby away and such. I don't why the heroine believe considering the heroine knows that the woman is such a meanie. Still, one has to consider how the hero has been acting and it would put it past me. I was also surprised that when the heroine wants to divorce the hero, she didn't read the find print of the marriage contract and see that any children she would have with the hero would be placed in his custody if they divorced. The only thing good that came out was the hero on his knees, asking the right question.

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Wao! Really nice comic! 5  5

Really worth reading! I do like this story: love, passion, misunderstandings, ... And at last: happy ending! ;) The adventures of this couple are captivating! Art? It's lovely! No doubt: don't miss this comic!!!

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