The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress

Romance The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress

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The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress

Anna has a secret. Behind the media's portrayal of her glamorous sex life of one-night stands with Hollywood hotties, she's just a popular model with a normal, plain life. However, her reputation perpetuates the myth, and there seems to be no end to men craving for one night with the supermodel. Greek business tycoon Damon Kouvaris is one such man. Anna curtly shoots him down, but a few days later she learns what happens when you make light of a Greek man's pride. Unless she agrees to go to dinner with him, it could mean trouble for the charity funds she's working hard to build.

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3.5 chip away the ice 4  4

The heroine is a model with a title of an ice queen and a reputation of having multiple lovers. Unfortunately, nobody knows the true heroine but the hero keeps chipping away at the wall of ice she has enclosed herself in. The two exchange snarky words towards each other with the heroine ending it in a statement that she'll never be the hero's. It turns out the heroine has been shown poor representatives of man what with a cheating biological father who prioritized his new wife over her and that her stepfather who sexually harassed the poor girl. I just wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and say, "Oh, honey!". The hero sees there's more to the title and image than meets the eyes and starts to pursue the heroine in what I call a positive manner because he doesn't make her go to dinner but also takes her water bottles when she's training for a charity run. Then the hero catches her one night react badly when a drunk guy say something. He's able to tone down the situation then takes heroine home. He can only coax so much out of her but is able to see the shadows in her past before she tightens her lip again. The two have a discuss and the heroine reveals she doesn't want to date a man with children because she knows what' it's like on the other side of what I mentioned earlier and it really hurt the heroine. Now, the hero is in a rut because she's knows he's a widow of eight years but she doesn't know that he has a daughter. I did like they don't have coitus for a while because the heroine is still working through trusting a man in a vulnerable situation and I liked how the hero backed off and realizes what with her reaction means she's a virgin. They hit a bit of a snag with bad timing from his cellphone but I liked how the hero states he won't give up on the heroine and starts showing her that she can trust him when he takes her out for fun without the need for physical intimacy. Then when his daughter has a bike accident, the hero tells the heroine who jumps to the idea that the hero is treating his daughter like her father did to her. Their conversation goes south and the heroine and hero separate again. After a job, the heroine meets the hero's sister and daughter and falls for the little girl's sweet charms. It turned out the whole job thing was a method the hero used in order to bring the heroine close to him and talk things out with her. The hero points out the problem doesn't lie with him being a father but in regards to the heroine's biological father who didn't protect the heroine. He declares he went to talk with her mother who reveals about her second husband's criminal activities, helping the hero see what he did to the heroine. The heroine breaks down in tears, opening up about her past and the hero hugs her tightly. After the hero tells the heroine that the bad man is dead, she's able to sleep easier. Afterwards, the heroine has a great time with the hero and his daughter and finally goes all the way with the man. It goes great till the heroine finds out she's on the island where the hero and his wife spent their honeymoon. So, she ends the relationship and the hero states he'll wait till she's ready. The heroine finally goes to see her mother who gives her words of wisdom to go after the hero. She goes to the hero and opens up about everything like she believed he brought her to the island because he couldn't forget his wife and he's the only man the heroine loves. I really loved their talk between the two and the ending with the wedding. It was a nice story.

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