Sophie's Seduction

Romance Sophie's Seduction

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Sophie's Seduction

As a member of the famous Balfour family, Sophie grew up surrounded by her gorgeous sisters and the paparazzi.  Being the only plain sister in the beautiful family, she became increasingly withdrawn, and she allowed her looks and her personality to become duller and duller.  But her new employer, Marco Speranza, immediately notices the voluptuous, beautiful body that she's always trying to cover up.  He knows that making this unfeminine woman his girlfriend isn't possible, but maybe they could have a fling...?  Sophie hesitates in the face of the tycoon's advances, especially since he's never known love.

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3.5 The clothes that fit 4  4

The heroine doesn't find herself beautiful next to her glamorous and can wear clothes like model sisters. So, she settles for rumpled and oversized clothes that make her look fat. She settles for working behind the scenes till a situation causes her to go and represent her company for a big name client (the hero). She's given a late notice and rushes to fly out of the country in a daze. In fact, the moment she sits down on a chair in the hero's home, she falls completely asleep. When he sees her, he's unimpressed with her manner of dress and state. He orders her to go but she doesn't give up and impresses him with her idea of redecorating his home. He tells her that he'll work with the company one the condition that she is head of the project, not something she was expecting. There's some argument but she gives in and makes way for the hero's home. She finds the house in disrepair, every bedroom covered in leopard print and jiggly waterbeds. It's all courtesy of the hero's late wife who was by the housekeeper's words was a cheater and an alcoholic. The woman forgot to mention the OW's horrible taste in décor because I like modern interior but what the OW did to the inside of that beautiful historic home was not only tacky but downright criminal. During the heroine's inspection, she takes off her shirt and gives the hero a chance to see her hourglass figure covered by a tank top. He's not only become attracted to her bright personality but now her figure. He even tells her that her curves are a sight to behold. Their relationship crosses the line and they have a bit of awkwardness but it seems to go well. Then the hero brings up marriage documents for the heroine to sign because he wants her to stay with him. That was probably one of the most least romantic proposals for a woman. It's only after the ball that the heroine rejects his proposals because she wants feelings rather than thoughts of practically in the marriage. The hero thinks she's in love with someone else but before he can get an answer, he's called away. The heroine takes this opportunity to get away from the hero but in up in a car accident. The whole incident causes the hero to reassess his thoughts and feelings about the heroine. He realizes that he wants to marry the heroine for love, not for logic. When she's fully awake and moving, he does the proper proposal of one knee, a ring, and I love you for the heroine. It becomes even better when he tears up the marriage documents for her to see. Happy to see that he's a man who love her for her, she answers his question with a yes and get ready to go back to the mansion.

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