Just for the Night

Passion Romance Just for the Night

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Just for the Night

Shari is in love with her brother’s friend Garrett. She’s had romantic feelings for him since high school, but he’s from an upper-class family. She’s a waitress at a coffee shop, and even though they both live in New York, they live in very different worlds. When she finds out that Garrett is going to be auctioned at a charity party, she decides to take her chance. I’m going to spend my entire savings and win the auction, disguised as a mysterious woman in red! She succeeds and spends the night with him, but the next day...

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editor's comment - October 24th, 2014

I read a comic when many years ago and it is about a plain girl someday accidentally got a glass shoes. When she wore the shoes she would become a lovely and beautiful girl. The story is quite the same but it's nothing about magic. Heroine loves hero when she was young and loves him still. So she decided to make up herself to another woman and seduced hero. She made it and hero fell love with the woman. However she lost her key and hero found it and came to her place, of course he couldn't find the woman but he could only find the little young girl who was plain. The story is like about a girl who was not pretty but finally got loved by the boy, but what I like this one is that heroine made a lot of effort and finally got the true love.

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Super adorable and sweet 5  5

While I dont necessarily approve of her burning 30k for a night with her dream guy, it was as if things panned out for them to be able to find their way back into each other's life. What made the story endearing is how Garrett began falling in love with the real Shari and felt confused with his feelings but then soon realized theyre the same woman. The side characters are also very entertaining and likeable. The bit with Peters ( Mr Butler) and Garrett was hilarious and the cute crush shari's brother has on Mrs Mcnamara. All in all this was such a fun read. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Garrett is very charming. And the real shari is very likeable. very cute couple.

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Stupid brothers and mothers 5  5

This story is amazing because it has the fairy godmother woman from another story. The heroine pays to have one night with the hero ($30,000) that she earned from her inheritance. The hero is utterly entranced, but the next morning after a night of hot love, the woman disappears leaving a key to a coffee who that he visited as a teenager. The heroine is actually the younger sister of the hero's friend. The hero goes to the coffee that he hasn't been to in ten years to look for the mysterious woman: the wild goose chase is on. The heroine tries to keep the hero from finding out who she is and he hero is every more determined to know who the heroine is. The brother of the heroine is so stupid. He acts like he's the boss of the heroine by saying that she shouldn't go out late to clubs even though she is 24 years old, one night he barged into her apartment with a bunch of his buddies because his apartment doesn't have food, and he acts like she should give up her inheritance for the renovation of their cafe. His motto to her is: "Listen to me and work hard," I just wanted to slap him over the head. I give the hero commendable points for his search. It was all interesting. The mother of the hero is a uppity snob, she is especially rude to the heroine and her family. However, the story, the characters are amazing and it's a good book to read.

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Never get tired of reading this 5  5

This is a very sweet first-love story about a shy girl in love with her brother's friend since he was in high school. Wanting a chance to be with him even if it will be just for 1 night and even if he didn't realize who she is. I just can't stop going back to this every few weeks -and it's been a couple months since I bought the comic/manga. I highly recommend this to the PURE ROMANCE book lovers and even read the book, which I'm starting to do. Again, I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

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