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Marriage Material

An injured golfer with marriage troubles may not be the biggest news story in the world, but it’s a giant sand trap in Sebastian Fox's life. Yet the car accident that took his sports stardom away from him, also lead him to one Romy Bridgeport, divorce lawyer. When she handles his latest divorce, he challenges her to help him become perfect marriage material! Can she help him find his true love ? He’d be the perfect man for her if someone hadn't already asked for her hand! Still, you miss all the shots you don’t take...

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an imperfect marriage is the best marriage 5  5

I actually really liked this story with how it all played out between the hero and the heroine. It was funny to read their first interaction is when the heroine is representing the hero's ex-wife in their divorce proceedings. At first, the heroine thinks of the hero as some playboy with no morals or a thoughtful bone in his body. That all changes when he comes to her to get help with her divorcee find love program. He states that he wants the wife and kids package. The hero refuses but the hero is a persistent fellow in agreeing. So, she pulls out all everything from fashion stylist to pastor in seeing what flaws the hero needs to fix. The funny part is that they only need to spend an hour in the office for them to immediately take to the hero's personality who no go on any changes. I liked seeing their interactions with how the heroine has these walls, black and white modes of thinking, and the hero slowly chips away from it all. She finds underneath the façade of playboy golfer is a caring uncle, loving brother, decent chap who's just had a case of bad luck on certain things like love and women. I also found it interesting and funny on the heroine's case for a woman who's gotten a pragmatic view with love being black and white, that she took a month to answer a proposal of marriage from a guy that she declared as "the perfect one". She then takes the hero to her parents who she sees as the perfect marriage. It's at that little dinner interaction that she learns of the hero's past of being in foster care for a time. The hero also starts flirting with the heroine, even though he stated how she's someone he wouldn't consider marrying. I liked how the hero and heroine clashed on relationship based on perfection vs. imperfection. It's a human concept that instead of looking for perfect person but we should accept someone great who has a couple of flaws (like leave the toilet up or something). He tells the heroine to open her heart up more to others like colleagues and family. As the heroine and hero spend more and more time together, they fall in love but hold back because of other factors. The heroine even gives no to the "fiancée" proposal. When she talks about with her mom, her mom gives her the skeleton of marriage. The perfect marriage isn't a marriage without fights between the couple. I agree with the mother because marriage isn't perfect, it's hard work with their being fights that make the relationship stronger or weaker. She even says that the heroine's father and her had fights even if the kids didn't see it. I count myself lucky to see some of the fights my parents had because it showed me marriage is hard and you learn to work for it because of the person who have committed your life to. My parents had fights and they're stayed on happily married. The heroine realizes she loves the hero but she knows that he's searching for the one and it's not it. On the night of the party, she tells him about her break-up and he states that he's going to announce who he's going to marry. Broken over the hero having found someone, the heroine sets the stage then runs off in tears. When she reaches her apartment, she's found that the hero has chased after her. The two get stuck in the elevator but it gives the hero the perfect chance to confess his love for the heroine. I found it to be incredibly sweet. They kiss and we fast forward to where the hero and heroine are married with an adorable little girl. It was a really good story.

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