Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

Romance Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

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Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

Cara lost her brother and his girlfriend, Allegra, in an accident. Even though her brother abused her and took the money she earned after her parents’ deaths, she’s devastated to lose her only family member. The night before she leaves for her hometown of Dublin, in hopes to start a new life, a man approaches her at the bar where she works. He’s gorgeous with dark hair and olive skin. She’s never had a boyfriend before, but she decides to have a passionate one-night stand on her last night in London. The next morning, Vicenzo tells her in a cold voice, “I’m Allegra’s brother. I slept with you for revenge.”

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revenge can blind you 2.5 3  3

The hero's on a warpath of revenge to the heroine because he believes she's responsible for seducing her sister to fall in love with her brother, stealing her fortune, and having her killed in a car accident when it was really her brother who was not only the driver but also inebriated at the time. He lies to her and seduces her to bed and after intercourse does he reveal his full name and the whole bed act was an act of revenge against the heroine. The poor woman is heartbroken because while her brother was creep, jerk, bully, and bastard all wrapping in package and tied with string, the sister was the only one of the brother's many girlfriends who was kind to her. After a two month separation, the heroine goes to the hero to notify him of his future title of fatherhood that he denies and the paparazzi get wind of the whole thing not more than two seconds later. The hero comes up with a plan to get married in order for his child to be legitimatize and tells the heroine that once she has the baby then she will be forced to leave the child with him. It's not long before the two of them are back in bed and here I am thinking, what happened sweetie?! You just had intercourse with a man who has done nothing but make insults and snide comments to your face. They have a registry wedding and the heroine meets the father of the hero who finds her to be a treat. The hero takes this the wrong way and that night, the heroine miscarries. When she wakes up, the hero states,"our baby...." the heroine gets the message and orders the hero out of the room not because of the miscarriage because he said "our baby" when he denied that it was his child. The hero for the first time, does what the heroine says and starts to doubt what he thought. He even has the gall to question what did he do to the heroine? What do you mean, you've been the rear hind of an donkey for goodness sake! Now the hero wants to figure out who the heroine is, just as the heroine is leaving. There's an exchange of harsh words but the hero manages to convince the heroine to stay until she recovers. The man even says sorry to her. When the hero and heroine spend time apart, they learn from the people who are closest to them that they haven't had the most positive experiences. The heroine was forced and abused by her brother who beat her and stole her earnings in a job that he forced her to take. The hero's mother left the family for another man, even hit her own son age 12 who was the hero at the time. When the two of them meet again, the hero apologizes for his past behavior and admits his love for the heroine. I was impressed with the hero's apology speech and the heroine forgives the hero. She admits her love as well and we get a happy ending with the baby at the end. It had a good ending but I wasn't really interested in reading a man who insults the woman for more than half of the book.

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Italy+Ireland=Love 4  4

Worth reading! I like this couple and how they manage to settle a lot of misunderstandings. Moreover, some delicate matters are dealt with in the plot. So... Italy+Ireland=Love!

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