For the Love of Emma

Pure Romance For the Love of Emma

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For the Love of Emma

Briony just became a secretary for company president Carlyle, famous as a workaholic. Just as she finishes an urgent job, a little girl bursts into the office: Carlyle’s daughter, Emma. Briony is shocked by the instant change in her boss. The normally haughty man boasts a transformative smile as a proud single father. Briony ends up joining the pair on a trip to the amusement park, when Emma suddenly collapses in pain! Carlyle confesses that Emma has a heart condition, and has only a few months left to live. Not only that, but he begs Briony to fulfill his daughter’s final wish—he wants Briony to marry him, and become Emma’s mother!

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becky's comment - November 7th, 2014

You may think that Emma is the name of heroine; actually it is a little girl, who is hero's daughter. Emma only has a few months to live and when she first meets heroine, she becomes friends with her. To see this, hero asks heroine to be Emma's mother to fulfill her dreams. They had great time and one day, when Emma was passed out and is going to have a surgery. Will Emma survive? And after that, will hero and heroine be husband and wife?

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Do it for the little girl 4  4

The heroine is the new employee working at the hero's company. He doesn't give a good impression to the heroine but she loves being around the little girl who turns out to be the hero's daughter. Then the hero personally asks the heroine to come to the amusement park with them since his daughter requested it. It's there that the heroine learns of the daughter's heart condition and how the hero is doing everything he can in order to make sure his little girl is happy with the few short years that she has. So, the hero decides to ask the heroine to be the daughter's mother by marrying her to fulfill the little girl's dream of having a mom. The heroine rejects it because she's already had to deal with the death of one child. However, the hero doesn't stop pushing and she gives in. They put on a fake marriage in order for the little girl to believe in them. They have a great wedding but the hero ruins it by the end of the day with talking about what the heroine could sell and the huge deposits she's made into her bank. The heroine is so hurt because she has already fallen for the man, wanting his heart not materials. So, she puts on this cool and distant attitude towards him when they’re alone. Yet, they are able to show they are the happy couple in front of the little girl. The heroine starts becoming more and more a mother with defending her from one of the exes that earns her kudos with the hero’s good friends. He pulls her in for a passionate kiss but she pushes away. This is where the “He thought, She thought” comes into play and becomes one of the main obstacles in developing their relationship. However, they slowly open up to where the heroine reveals she went through the same thing with her younger sister that she raised after their parents died. The poor little girl sent from a cold to meningitis to death and the heroine feels responsible. The hero comforts her and they have the night of passion but it ends cooly when the heroine wakes up to see the hero staring at a picture of his dead wife. The heroine puts up the walls and tells the hero to forget. The hero complies with her wishes but both of them are suffering from the distance between them. Later, another trip to the hospital gives positive results for the little girl to take a life saving surgery. This means to the heroine that if the little girl lives then their contract is invalid but she stays by the hero’s side till after the surgery is a success with the daughter looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed. So, the heroine tells the hero she’s leaving in hopes that he’ll tell her to stay for him but he fulfills her request of writing out a recommendation letter. When the little girl realizes the heroine is gone, she reveals to the hero that the heroine does love him because she told her. She asks the hero if he loves the heroine and he states he does. So, he goes after the heroine. Once, he finds her, he tells her that he’s fall in love with her. She brings up the photo and he replies that it was his way of saying goodbye to his wife. He goes on about how he wants a future with the heroine and she replies that she loves him too. They head back together to the girl girl and we end the story with all three smiles.

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