Once A Ferrara Wife...

Pure Romance Once A Ferrara Wife...

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Once A Ferrara Wife...

Orphan Laurel meets and falls instantly in love with Cristiano, a wealthy businessman from Sicily, and soon after their marriage, she becomes pregnant. It was a time of bliss, strong enough to wash away all her previous sufferings.

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becky's comment - November 14th, 2014

Hero and heroine were married and had a wonderful life. However hero was so busy doing job and it made him lost heroine. Hero thought the reason why heroine left her was just because that he couldn't be home when she was miscarriage. But actually it was not only that, heroine might lose her life at that time. After knowing that, hero tried to get back heroine and he did, however this time, heroine found herself be pregnant again…

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Reunion 4  4

Auto parts of a story separated and again they are together after pura capSarah Morgan is a British writer of more than eighty romance novels and mainstream women's fiction from 2000. Morgan was a nurse before she started writing after the birth of her first son.] She lives with her husband and two sons near London. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her professional background as a nurse is also reflected in her doctoral romances. Her specialty is contemporary romances, told in a humorous and sensual way. Many of her romances, such as the From Manhattan with love series, are based in New York City Morgan's favorite city. Her books were translated in several languages and sold more than 18 million copies worldwide.

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from separation to reuniting 4  4

The heroine leaves the hero after a miscarriage, even with his family saying to forget about her, the hero can't until he knows why she left. Now, after two years, the heroine comes back for her best friend's wedding (the hero's sister). The hero picks up the heroine and acts his charming self because 1) he wants to figure out why the heroine left & 2) he's still in love with her. For example: when his brother insults her, he punches him. The hero knows of the heroine's general backstory but he didn't know until the heroine told him recently that she had been adopted but when she had an asthma attack, the couple sent her back because they didn't want a "sick" child. How is having asthma being sick? It's like the cousin to having an allergy? After the rehearsal party and receiving the brother's threat of what happens if you hurt the hero, the heroine runs into the hero again who wants to talk about the baby. The walls around the heroine's heart immediately go up because she doesn't want to talk about it, considering when she needed him not only when she was pregnant but during the time of their marriage. The two fight and the heroine runs off and has an asthma attack but the hero is there to help. It's straight after the wedding that the hero and heroine fall into a passionate night but now they have to wait another 3 years for their divorce to finalized. This causes the heroine to reveal everything about that day. The miscarriage wasn't just a miscarriage but it damaged her fallopian tubes (one had to be removed & 1 was damaged), more importantly if she hadn't gotten to the hospital in time then she might have died. The heroine leaves the hero to reflect and go over what happened. Frankly, I'm shocked that the doctor didn't tell the hero of the severity of the heroine's condition: you need to tell the man that she nearly died!! He looks over what he was doing and makes a decision to run after the heroine to airport. We have the romantic airport of the man going after the woman and the hero wants to make it right to the heroine in front of the audience. The heroine rejects it twice but decides to give it a chance. The two of them leave to rebuild their relationship. They talk about life after their separation & before their reunion. The heroine is finally able to reveal her childhood trauma that I wrote earlier. It was nice watching actually talking things out and learning more about each other. When the hero opens up going to a fertility specialist, the heroine expresses her fear going through the same pain of losing a child but the hero persuades her not to be afraid. The two of them go back to the world and the heroine finds out she's pregnant, leaving her shocked and frightened. She calls the hero but doesn't tell him why. Her voicemail causes him to go and back. When she tells him about the baby and her fears, the hero comforts and reassures the heroine that everything is going to be fine. They hug and hold each other then we skip to three years where they have a cute little girl and plan to adopt an older child to fulfill the heroine's dream of adopting an older child. It's a very sweet ending, especially with the kids covered in chocolate. I did like this one.

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