After Their Vows

Romance After Their Vows

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After Their Vows

Having lost both her parents in a car accident, Angie works hard to support her younger brother. One day, she's picked up by a modeling agency which shoots her to supermodel status overnight. Then she falls for and marries the wealthy Roque. But when the gossip magazines spread stories about his wild bachelor ways, Angie can't take any more of it and leaves. A year later, her younger brother accrues a devastating debt on one of Roque's credit cards. Angie promises Roque that she will pay him back. But he steals a kiss from her and says, "If you don't want your brother to get arrested, come back to me."

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editor's comment - March 4th, 2016

It was a beautiful story of a married couple. They become separated for an year because of a misunderstanding. They couldn't communicate well to show their love each other. While they argue, she lost her child which made the story even more complicated. I liked the drawing during the whole book. It depicted very well the luxury life of a model and a rich businees man.

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a picture worth a thousand negative words 4  4

Ohhhhhh, that was marriage goes down the drain from one photo. The heroine married at the age of 22 to 32 year-old hero but after 1 year of marriage, she gets a call from her brother to look at the paparazzi photo of the hero with another woman with all the exaggerated titles. The heroine reacts badly to this and angrily confronts the hero who explains that the girl wanted to get a picture with him in order to get more publicity for herself. The heroine still doesn't believe and throws more negative words at the hero, who in turn does the same thing. The situation escalates until the heroine running off. The two of them don't see each other for a while until the heroine's brother's reckless antics catch the hero's eye and he has the brother arrested in order for the heroine to come herself to him. Now, I would like to say on the record of how stupid are you for using money in a credit card to invest in the Stock markets. Everybody knows the money you put in a credit card comes from your savings or checkings and you only use a credit card to build good credit not to make reckless payments like putting a bunch of money that you don't have into a stock market where you may lose it but you will also have to pay the money you lost to the credit card company. So, basically you are losing twice the amount you invested in stocks. The idiot brother has no common sense, I mean this boy is studying economics at CAMBRIDGE University!!! I never went to Cambridge University and even I know that you shouldn't do something so idiotic like that and it was fifty thousand pounds, what made him think that his sister would be able to afford fifty thousand pounds on a credit card. The heroine goes to the hero to pay but the hero wants the brother to go to jail in order to learn his lesson. Then we get to see both sides of the coin, the hero is upset over the heroine phrase when it comes to the brother (he's my only family), something she said even when they were married. I understand that she's been the parent for her brother but the hero is right that the heroine is spoiling her brother too much and cleaning up after his mistakes. The hero makes a proposal if the heroine goes back to him then he's drop the charges against the brother. The heroine agrees, doing exactly what the hero predicted (cleaning up after her brother). When the hero leaves for work, the heroine goes to her old modeling agency to go to work but finds the hero there with every model throwing herself at him. Again, the heroine reacts badly and even more when she finds out the hero is sending the brother to ranch to work for the money he lost. The heroine thinks it's a horrible idea, as the reader I say, "good job, make the boy understand the importance of managing and spending money". She pulls out the "only family" card and I love how the hero had the last word of how he's her family since they married but she only loves her brother. Now, the heroine is starting to realize her actions and words were hurting the hero as well. The heroine apologizes and they go to send the brother off. We see there's a secret between the two that the heroine is afraid to tell the hero. The two of them go back to place where they had their honeymoon and learn the things said back then were in the heat of the moment, which turns the heat on for them. The heroine is very hot and cold to the hero and it's easy to see that it's because she hasn't told him of her secret but the hero has no idea until she lets it slip when she thinks she's pregnant AGAIN. Now, the hero finds out that after the heroine left, she miscarried when she was in a foreign country. He's very understanding, loving, and downright sweet in holding the heroine and talking it out with her. The two of them are able to reconcile from the past year of misunderstanding and tragedies. We have a nice epilogue with the hero, heroine, brother, and new baby boy. I liked this one because it showed that the misunderstanding goes both ways, the heroine is flawed, and the ending was enjoyable for me.

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