The Sheikh's Chosen Queen

Romance The Sheikh's Chosen Queen

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The Sheikh's Chosen Queen

Jesslyn just wants to enjoy her summer vacation in peace. But in order to protect one of her students, she needs her ex-lover’s help. Sharif, the sheikh of a desert kingdom, will protect the lad if she tutors his little girls over the summer. But Jesslyn still hurts from the loss of Sharif. Months after they broke up, Sharif married another woman and had three children—she doesn’t want to be hurt again. There’s a familiar, yet dangerous gleam in his eyes...but what choice does she have?

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3.5 it was fine 4  4

The heroine is at her wits end, trying to find legal action to protect one of her students from his abusive father when the hero who's a benefactor comes into the picture. She begs him to save her student and he'll do it under the condition that she teaches his three girls for the next three months. The heroine agrees but she faces her past from seven years ago from the torch she still holds from the hero as well as the fear of him finding out about her infertility. A secret used against her by his horrible mother and when I mean horrible, I mean legal action against her. When the heroine meets the girls, she sees they don't know how to have fun or even express their emotions. It's the courtesy of their grandmother who makes her distaste of the heroine's presence known to the heroine verbally and silently to the hero. The woman is a manipulative creature of evil, trying to turn the heroine into a monster. Shoot! She even uses the incident with the troubled child, saying the heroine is horrible for taking that boy away from his father. She twists everything, forgetting the hero's right hand man was there and saw bruises as well as the father's horrible behavior. The hero still holds strong and goes on his business trips. As the heroine spends more time with the girls, she sees the product of the grandmother's manipulative words and the bruises she caused. In fact, when she takes the girls swimming, the woman has someone secretly take pictures in order to place blame on the heroine for the bruises. The heroine can see that even if the hero asks the girls what happened, they'll have to lie in order to protect themselves and so she decides to take the blame. Oh my goodness, I know that she's trying to protect these girls but she is merely giving them back to that abuser. Sadly, the hero believes her and sends her away quietly but then his girls tell him the truth. He goes after her and tells her the truth. The hero realizes he misunderstood both seven years ago and now. He also says his marriage life was hell because he called out her name when he was in bed with his wife. His wife ignored him and his daughters and his girls never smiled. The heroine then reveals about her infertility and how the queen used it against her but the hero says that he loves her regardless and wants her alone. They go back to the hero's country where the grandmother finally gets it into her head that everything she has been doing has been wrong. So, she lives at the villa to reflect and the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she happily accepts. Afterwards, we get the little miracle of a bouncing baby boy and everyone is happy in the end.

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What a nice story! 5  5

I love this comic because I'm fond of this sheikh+teacher couple! Romance, passion, children, misunderstandings, struggles, far-away countries... Art is so good, too. My suggestion is... Read it, you won't regret it!

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once upon a time i lived a romantice story with an handsome man when i realized that it was just a d 5  5

i love it

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