Married to the Boss

Romance Married to the Boss

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Married to the Boss

Dana Dillinger is the perfect secretary for R.J. Maitland, the company president. She's loyal and she and would do anything for R.J., not only for her job but also because she's deeply in love with him. Dana knows R.J. is out of her league—she's been told as much her whole life. When a baby is left on the company's doorstep one day, R.J. decides to step up and take care of it—the only thing he needs is a wife. He can't imagine anyone better for the job than Dana and soon they are married. But what kind of marriage will it be? R.J.'s marriage of convenience or Dana's romance for the ages?

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I just wish he'd been willing to believe HER in the end, even just a bit. otherwise.... 3  3

... it was good. Our heroine has loved her boss, our hero and the president of an obstetrics hospital, for some time, and when he denies siring a baby left anonymously at the hospital door with a note claiming him to be the father, she is the only one who believes him without reservation. To make matters worse, a reporter decides to sensationalize the incident before parentage is even proven and sets out to find the mother. The ensuing publicity does nothing but hurt his and the hospital’s reputation and they start losing patients. The president gets it in his head that maybe a paper marriage will give him a more stable public image, and when he considers candidates, his faithful secretary is at the top of the list. He reveals his plan. She decides not to let this opportunity slip by as 1) it’s the guy she loves, and 2) she can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to marry a plain woman like herself and so ups the ante. She doesn’t want a paper marriage. If she is going to marry him, for as long as it lasts, she wants the whole enchilada – no separate beds for this sham. It doesn’t take him long to agree, and he rushes her through the formalities. Not church, no pastor, no invitations. Judge. 2 witnesses. Done. And so begins the roller coaster. She’s all in, dedicated to the one she loves (even if she can’t say ‘I love you’) intending to make it last as long as possible. He’s more than willing to go through the motions, but haunted by his abandoning good-for-nothing father and the possibility he may pass on those genes, he has locked himself into rigid limitations that may well be at odds with his own emotions, and are certainly at odds with hers. They butt heads over a number of issues, each helping to build their relationship, but the crux of their conflict comes when the possibility of a child arises. He’s adamant. ‘No, not ever.’ - ‘but I want children.’ – ‘good luck with that, but I won’t be the father.’ Can her dedication survive THIS challenge? The resolution, when it comes, is relatively quick, but I was rather disappointed that it took an outside agent to flip him, despite them largely just repeating what his wife had already said to no effect at all. It does the trick, however, and leads to a touching reconciliation. The fate of Baby Doe is also thrown in just to tie up that loose end, although we never do learn its parentage. All in all, it was well worth the rent, but as much as I loved the art, I’m not inspired to add it to my bookshelf. It was good, IMO, but it wasn’t exceptional.

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