Almost Married

Pure Romance Almost Married

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Almost Married

Cassie Winters gave up on marrying for love after her parents, who she’d always thought were passionately in love with each other, got a divorce. Instead, she’s decided to marry a man compatible with her. on paper, but for whom she feels nothing. But the morning after her bachelorette party, she finds herself naked in a strange bed…alongside a man she’s never met before! Now she’s stuck on a cruise with this stranger she can’t even remember spending the night with. While she tries to avoid him, she finds it difficult to ignore her growing feelings for him. Will her feelings about marriage keep her from falling for this man, or will she follow her heart and risk making the same mistake her parents did?

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More accurately, 'Almost Married to a Jerk' 3  3

To say I bought this just for the art would be a lie, but not a total lie. The art is truly one of the best aspects about this tale. All in all, I enjoyed our couple – the clueless, ignorant heroine with a heart of gold, and her handsome, beleaguered hero whose heart of gold is rightly tarnished by the lie he’s been forced to participate in, but there was nagging little sense that not everything was adding up quite right. Maybe I read too fast and missed a detail I needed. It honestly wasn’t a big thing, because I enjoyed the story in spite of it, but I was glad to have bought it on sale. It was definitely worth the sale price – just the art was worth the sale price! - and I paid to keep it so I’ll have a chance to go back and read it more thoroughly in the future :D.

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3.5 a bit of Karma 4  4

This was a pretty nice story, despite the little nasty power play going behind the scenes. The heroine is engaged a smart and image perfect politician who won't divorce her like her brilliant scientists parents did. A week before the wedding, the heroine has her bachelorette party but wakes up naked in bed with a complete stranger. He tells her that she's at sea and she thinks she's made a horrible mistake with what happened. However, that's less than the case because it's all a big set up. The stranger(hero) is being blackmailed by the heroine's fiancée to "kidnap" her and make her think that she cheated on the fiancée. When she does then she'll cancel the engagement and he's free to marry some trollop without destroying his perfect polished politician image. The hero is able to quickly realize with the heroine's response and manner of speech that she's nothing like the fiancée and his mistress have described her. The hero wants to help her and tell the truth but the blackmail is too high for the him to risk. Therefore, he decides on looking out for the heroine with buying her clothes and sharing his cabin. Throughout their stay on the ship, the hero and heroine grow closer even with their fighting. The heroine learns about the hero's standards of marriage and the sad past of losing a younger brother. The hero learns of the heroine's divorced parents and a bad incident with a boyfriend that had her sworn off men till the fiancée came along. With all the time they spend together, fighting on who's values are better, having short passionate kisses, and finding themselves in love with each other. Yet, both are held back with the heroine not wanting to cheat on the fiancée and the hero wanting to be honest to the heroine about everything but fearing her reaction. Things get hot till a technical problem douses the problem and the passion. It's because the heroine learns the hero wasn't on the ship ton her bachelorette night, so nothing happened. She's shocked and leaves for home and her wedding. Then the fiancée calls the hero for more blackmail action of making a scene at the wedding to get the heroine to look like she was a cheater. We do finally figure out what the blackmail is: the fiancée and hero were friends as kids. One day, both them and the heroine's sister found his younger brother's drowned body. The trauma caused the sister to forget she saw her brother's body. The hero wanted to keep it that way but the "friend" decided to use that to his own advantage. That is so low, it's revolting. The rotten apple should be catapulted to the moon!!! So, the hero is forced to go but he decides to go there and confess his love to the heroine for real. He pulls the heroine aside and reveals everything. The heroine believes him but she's so hurt by his lies that she states she never wants to see him again. She tells the fiancée the wedding is off and he pulls the victim act. However, she's like who cares and I say good for her. The mother pulls her aside and they have a talk out. The mother reveals marriage won't work with out the factor of love and it's something that her ex-husband and her didn't have. Her words make the heroine realize she does love the hero and she goes after him. She catches him in time and they have a romantic confession of love. The ending was especially great with a little Karma that came at the end.

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Fairly good read 3  3

I have no talent for adding titles so I'm sorry the titles of my reviews are so bad. The lead female has the same nickname as me and she's a blonde too, but everything else about her is completely different. She was kinda ditsy and seemed to be the extremely high maintenance sort to date. Still, despite her shortcomings, I did enjoy reading the story for the most part. The art was good. Also, I did like the male main character. So overall I'm glad I checked it out.

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