The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

Romance The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

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The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

When pediatric surgeon Nikos Mariakos ends their relationship, via email no less, Ella decides to start her life anew in a familiar town. Her six-month fling with the deceitful doctor has left her with a new purpose in life: raising their child alone in this small town…far away from her adulterous ex. But a twist of fate brings Nikos to her doorstep, and he’s determined to be a proper father to his child.

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Redeemed in the end. 3  3

This barely earned it's 3 stars. In fact I nearly didn't finish it. Our hero is a doctor extraordinaire, and our heroine is under him, both literally and figuratively, but as their personal relationship continues and she wants to get closer, she begins to realize how one sided things are. It's always dinner at her house, loving in her bed, her never asks her about herself and doesn't share anything either. As much as she cares about him, what they have so far is purely physical, and when she presses in a little hoping for more, he dumps her and runs - quite literally - breaking things off with a 2 sentence email on his way out of the country. At this point, we loses a little logic. She discovers she'd pregnant. She see's an article with his wedding picture in in but doesn't bother to read it. She changes jobs (to be closer to family?) and this city girl - who doesn't like bugs, snakes, spiders or lizards - moves into a beat up rural house on the edge of a marsh, a 15 minute walk from the bus stop. I missed how she got the place. It better have been an inheritance because if she bought it, it must have been sight unseen. Even if it was inherited, it just doesn't make sense. I can't imagine any city acclimated woman planning to be a single mom would willingly choose this edge-of-the-swamp house having seen it beforehand. Her sister is worried, and rightly so, and so reaches out to the hero (before finding out he was supposedly married). Discovering his lover is pregnant, the hero comes storming back into her life. Turns out it was his LATE wife in the article, and he's ready to do the right thing. So ready, in fact, that's he's just a overbearing, insensitive bully, all for the sake of his child, of course. He puts a ring on her finger, but she just as quickly pulls it off. He has yet to even explain (beyond the fact he wasn't committing adultery with her) or even apologize for dumping and running. All she wants from a marriage is love, trust and no secrets - things he is clearly not capable of. He takes back the ring, but manages to convince (with a little help from the wildlife) that her that her house is no place for a city girl to raise a baby, so she agrees to move into the house - which turns out to be a mansion - he just bought for them. This is where the story turns. There is a deep seated reason he doesn't want to speak of his past. There is a deep seated reason she can't abide with a man who keeps secrets. The house - the exact one he just happen to purchase for them (without even consulting her) - has a dark place in her heart. It starts a ball rolling. Finally - over the next few events - we learn why he's a man of secrets - why she can't accept him while he is. Finally we get to hear an apology, and the overbearing bully melts into someone who might actually be marriageable. It ended up being an okay story, but for the longest time I just found him callous and insufferable. He had his moments, but one of the few things that kept me reading was because I knew it had to have a happy ending, and I couldn't help but be curious how the author was going to turn this jerk into a husband. It was the end that saved it from a 1 or 2 star review.

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