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Rico has it all; as the famous chef of “A Passion For Pasta,” he’s rich enough to kill time in a monthly poker game with his friends. Still, he’s bankrupt when it comes to love. When a bet is taken too far, the stakes may be too high. He’s challenged his opponent, Renee, to be his mistress for a month! Can she add a little spice to his life, or will she make his pot boil over?

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3.5 From the hero's perspective 4  4

The hero and heroine are cats and dogs right now, despite being friends for many years. Now, what I liked about this story is instead of looking through the perspective of the heroine for the most part, it was the hero that we saw. He got to see a frustrated man who was taking blow by blow from the woman he had fallen in love with. In fact, her words were and I quote: " You embody all the worst qualities found in men,". Even the other friends at the poker table can see what a deep wound the heroine's words have on the hero. Granted, the woman has one reason to be majorly ticked at him for almost ruining the marriage between his good friend and his friend's wife because the wife's appearance matched his ex-wife (we never find out what she did) who hurt him immensely. The hero and friend are on good terms but the heroine is hissing and pawing with claws out. More than anything, he wants to be with the heroine but is afraid of rejection and I doubt he can take another hard edge blow like the last words. So, the hero comes up with a bet between only him and the heroine that the loser has to do whatever the winner has written down and put in envelopes to keep private. The hero wins obviously and privately has the heroine be his mistress for a month but we don't find out till later that the heroine wrote down that she wanted the hero to marry her because she burned the envelope with the letter in it. How were they able to find out, well I won't say for fun. Once the hero finds out the heroine's request, he starts to take things serious. He takes her out on dates, cooks meals that must be delicious since he's a celebrity chef. Finally the second reason why the heroine has been so hard on the hero is revealed: he's Italian. The heroine was in a relationship with an Italian man who wanted her to be his mistress/lover since he already a wife with kids. So, she unfairly stereotyped the hero with the jerk. Later, the hero discovers the heroine's sad piece in her life: she can't have children due to an ectopic pregnancy that caused her to need hysterectomy surgery. We're not sure of whether it was full or partial but we do know the father was the married man. When the heroine tells him this, he feels sick since he did what the jerk did. When the heroine tries to leave, he pulls in her for a behind hug and tells her that he loves her. The hero doesn't let go and tells her that he wants her to be apart of his family because without her, it is meaningless to him. If they want a family then they can adopt, not to mention the tons of nieces and nephews the hero has from his sisters. The heroine happily accepts his proposal and they have a lovely engagement party with the hero's whole family. It's a great ending but there was one thing that was bothering me immensely. I hate to be a pessimistic on miracles but it's never clear on whether the heroine got a full or partial hysterectomy. So, I found it strange that in the third book of this series that the heroine is pregnant when it is literally impossible for a woman to get pregnant if she has no womb. The odds of her getting pregnant are less than one in one million. So, it seemed unusual to me; it was just something that I wanted to say.

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