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Stranded in a raging Gold Coast storm, Bridget had lost her car and her cell-phone signal. Luckily a captivating blue-eyed man rescued her from this predicament. Bridget felt it was destiny when he embraced her with his warm arms and she devoted herself to him that day… What she didn’t know was that this was no generous passerby—he is none other than womanizing business man Adam Beaumont, who toys with women just for fun!

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becky's comment - January 16th, 2015

It is a romantic story that hero and heroine met each other in a stormy and waited for rescue. Although they met each other for the first time, they confessed to each other and had sex at the night. They both know that it is not a long term relationship. However after knowing heroine's pregnancy, hero asked her to marry. But in a chance heroine understood the reason hero married her is just revenge to his former girlfriend, who left him for his brother. Will hero go get heroine back?

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passion in a storm 3  3

The hero and heroine meet by chance in a storm that heightens their sense and emotions. In fact, once they find shelter, they open to each other about themselves. They talk about the little things then the big things like bad lovers and goals to destroy brothers. The whole thing led to an activity that brings forth a little bundle in nine months. Now, some gossip about the hero's takeover and all (was supposed to be a shush shush matter) is plastered on every cover of a paparazzi magazine. That doesn't surprise the hero more than having the heroine covering the whole thing on tv and it leads him to believe that she took the information he told her to sell it. The heroine says she didn't write about it nor did she know it was a big secret but it's not as big as the one she finds out through a pregnancy stick. However, she does find out the source of the rumors and cause for the secret came from one of her coworkers because she was the brother's mistress and was ticked at him for cruelly dumping her. Then the hero discovers her pregnancy and it fits perfectly into his plans. He asks the heroine to marry him and she agrees. However, she can tell that the hero is pressuring her to get married and finds that it has something to do with his last girlfriend that was stolen from him by his brother. They have a huge fight then the heroine disappears on the hero for two weeks. He's able to find her and has her listen to his side of the story. The hero reveals that his intention to steal the company from his brother was to make the OW not the wife of the president because that's the only reason why she married the man. He also reveals his love for the heroine and how her presence and common sense cleared his eyes to the truth. They proclaim their love for each other and we end on a happy note of their wedding.

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Love the fact that she is stern in being in love with his other side 5  5

It's not easy being able to tell apart characters, really. Even I thought of what she was talking about when she said 'I'm not used to this side of him.' After reading it through more seriously, she had been meaning for him to be unashamed of being 'soft' and his selfless, caring self.

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