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Liz works for Cam, an entrepreneur who owns businesses all over Australia. Usually Liz is cool and composed on the job, but this time she's in trouble. The woman who was supposed to escort Cam to a party that night cancelled at the last minute! Cam challenges Liz, saying that since she's such a talented secretary, she should be able to take over the job as his escort. Liz decides to show him who she really is under her plain old suit, but when Liz sees a certain someone at the party, she turns white as a sheet and runs from the scene. Now she really has Cam’s attention!

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becky's comment - January 23rd, 2015

Heroine was hurt by her daughter's father who chose another woman because of career. After that she decided to be not used by man. She works for hero as a temporary secretary, and in a chance of attending a party, hero knows about her past. In order to help heroine, hero asks her to be housekeeper of his house with her daughter and hero's nephew. During the period, hero asks heroine to marry him, heroine loves hero, but she can't make up her mind…

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don't judge a book by its cover 4  4

don't judge a book by its cover...i guess this saying really applies here. the heroine is working as a temporary secretary for the hero, who doesn't think much of her, physically wise. until she completely stuns him with a quick and simple transformation. fast forward a few pages and the hero hires to manage his estate, where he's raising his nephew. the heroine's past makes her wary of men and the hero isn't the best at expressing himself, which made for some heartache that could have been avoided, specially for the children...

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3.5 seeing the woman beneath the mask 4  4

The hero has instructed his temp secretary (the heroine) to accompany him to a cocktail on the reason of her having the physical alikeness to his date that ditched him but the heroine didn't tell him. So, she decides that she's her own original person and stuns the hero with her hair down and lipstick on. She still maintains her ice cool manner that doesn't scare the hero away. Then when they are at the party, the heroine suddenly panics and makes the cleanest break-for-it out of the room but climbing over the wall was bad. The hero manages to catch her as well as get explanation by getting her angry. The heroine saw her daughter's birth father who denied both her and the child years ago. The hero sees many sides of the heroine from ice-cold to angry woman to loving mother and more. He becomes fascinated with the heroine and takes her out for lunch the next day where he learns more about her past. He discovers that she's a strong person but can see that she's still shy from men. The heroine sees that the hero is more than just a man with many "lady" friends but he's a loving uncle who can't spend as much time with his uncle who he became guardian over when his sister died because of work like her. When the heroine's term ends as the hero's secretary, he hires her to manage his estate where his nephew is and bring her daughter along too. After while of working together and separately, the two manage to hit a personal and physical relationship. Sadly, the heroine breaks it off when the hero takes a step too fast in telling everyone that they're getting married and his reasons are that the kids in their lives need parents like the hero and heroine. So, they should legalize and become a family. However, it's not what the heroine wants and she quits her job. It only takes a glance from her ex for her to realize that she wants to be with the heroine because she is in love with him.Then she runs into the hero after a month of radio silence at her company that he bought months before she quit his estate. They confess their feelings for each other and it's a smooth path to the end. I rather liked this one.

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