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Caroline's world is falling apart. Her late husband's incompetence has caused the family business to go bankrupt, her father is bedridden with a heart condition and now, without a single penny to their name, she and her parents are facing eviction! Amid the chaos, she receives a single phone call from Valente Lorenzatto, the man she left at the altar five years ago. He tells her he's the one who bought her father's company. Could Valente be seeking revenge on Caroline for marrying another man? He offers her a deal—he’ll ensure the comfort of her family if she’ll become his mistress.

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editor's comment - January 23rd, 2015

Hero and heroine were going to get married five years ago by secretly, however on the day of wedding, heroine didn't show up. Hero was disappointed and swore to be a successful businessman. After that heroine married to her father's business partner, however they never had sex because her husband criticized on her body. But after five years, company of heroin's father was taken by someone, and the one is hero, who dumped by heroine five years ago…

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hell hath no fury like a man scorned 3  3

Man, the hero was mad at the heroine for unfounded things that were either misunderstood or interfered with by other parties but he took his time in getting his revenge for being left at the altar and hearing about the heroine marrying a man from her "social circles". Now, after five years due to bad management of the departed-husband and a rival company, the hero owns the heroine's father's company. His condition: the heroine has to be his mistress. The two of them were together five years but when the word marriage came up, the parents were against and took action to break them up (going to hero and saying that she'll marry the OM). At first, the hero resists but the hero makes another offer that he's marry her with all the benefits if she gives him a child. The heroine agrees and they marry in the same church they were supposed to five years ago. I couldn't believe how insensitive the heroine's mother was to the whole situation. Then on their honeymoon night, the hero learns that the heroine is still a virgin because of her frigidness to the OM. He's all smiles and patiently waits for her to be ready. Once she is actually ready, they have a marvelous happy time. Unfortunately, the heroine finds out that the hero's company is the rival company that drove her father's business to bankruptcy. This opens up the reason for the heroine's absence on their wedding day five years ago: she got appendicitis the night before the wedding and had to be hospitalized. All attempts she made to contact the hero of this development were failed or foiled. The two of them talk it out and make up with each other. It was a nice ending.

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This is not a mystery 3  3

This manga is one of those stories that you know that there is some explanation as to why the lead female leaves the lead male in the very beginning of the manga, they just don't tell you what that is. I enjoy a good mystery as much as the next person, but it doesn't work in an instance like this... at least not for me. A good mystery requires you to not to be able to predict the truth about what is hidden. But in this, the mystery has to do with a heroine of a romance story, so it's obvious that she didn't just leave the male lead at the alter because he wasn't rich enough. You know there was something to it. Honestly, if there was something more complex about the mystery, it would be more interesting and worth while to withhold some info, but there is no false turns or things to unravel to actually find out the truth. All the mystery happens to be, is that you don't know the reason she didn't show up for the wedding in the beginning and then at the end all of a sudden you are told her reason. It's anti-climactic and exactly what you'd expect the reason to be. Still, all that aside, the story was okay and the art was good so I'm glad I read it.

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