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After an interview for a position as a personal assistant, Emma shrugs and wonders if she has any choice but to end up on the streets. She needs a way to take care of her ailing father’s debt and the bills for his assisted-living facility, but it doesn’t look as if she’s going to get hired this time. Returning home defeated, she runs into the CEO, Luca, on her way out. He’s a true enemy of women, the type who can’t resist whispering sweet nothings to every woman he sees, and he invites Emma to go to Paris with him that night. Emma curtly turns down his advances and closes the elevator door. However, her interviewer is impressed by how Emma handles the situation, and decides to make her a job offer after all. To think that her employment hinges on her ability to rebuff the advances of a playboy like Luca—will she be able to keep it up?

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becky's comment - January 30th, 2015

Heroine is hired as hero's second secretary as she is the only one who confident of not fall in love with Hero. Hero is a playboy, and every secretary quitted after dating him. in a chance Hero met heroine's father who lives in care facility and he knows the situation of heroine. They start dating however hero asks heroine to break up after knowing she's pregnant. And the reason is what hero hides in his mind while he was young.

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yes, no, where do they go? 4  4

The heroine is hired due to the fact that she can blow the hero (CEO) flirts as nothing more than flies. So, the hero hires her and actually tries to resist the notion of seducing her because he sees that she needs this job in order to provide for her father. The heroine even resists the hero having her go to Italy as his fake girlfriend for his sister's wedding and spending the few months with his family that he's going beyond lengths to avoid (what reason could that be, I wonder?) She resists until life problems like losing a place to stay, being forced to move her dementia father, and finding out that her mother abandoned the family only to die a month later by accident come crashing down on her. She needs to get away from her problems, so she goes to Italy with the hero to deal with his because what better way to get your mind off your problems is by focusing on someone else's. It's plain for the heroine to see the tension between the hero and his father. Later on, after revealing some deep information to each other, the hero and heroine have a special night with no strings attached. After the wedding, we learn that the father physically abused the hero and his mother and his reason for no strings relationships is that he's afraid of being like the men in his family who abuse & with no proof have killed their wives. He's afraid of hurting the women in his life, especially the heroine who has a place in his heart. The two of them have a fight and when the hero accidentally grabs the heroine's wrist too hard, he bruises it and she says "men like you are the worst". This frightens the hero back into stone and he tells her to go back to work. They go back to work with tension between them so thick, you could cut it with a knife. It gets even more thicker when the heroine discovers she's pregnant. Finally, the hero's father dies and the two of them go back to Italy. She goes out of her way to help him. After that, the two of them are in the shower where they both confess their love and when they start to make a step forward, some fool tells the hero that he can't run away from his genes. The phrase scares the hero and cuts off his relationship with the heroine who's angered by the hero's actions and leaves him. It has been three months since their last encounter, when the hero learns the man he thought was his father wasn't and it was the fool who said those words. This causes him to run after the heroine and reveals the truth of his abused past not only about him but to many people. He also reveals his feelings of being frightened if he hurt a woman he loved. The two of them share a hug and kiss and walk off to a life together.

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