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Roberta makes a tough decision and decides to end this fruitless love, although arrogant businessman Mac doesn't just let her leave. He holds her tight and tries to kiss her. Roberta struggles hard to flee from his sturdy arms. Mac never wants to commit and marry me! Everyone sees me as his mistress, and it hurts my pride. I don’t want to wait anymore! Her rejection, however, brings about an opposite outcome. Fiercely possessive, Mac becomes fraught with desperation and desire stirred by her unusual behavior!

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Horrible 1  1

Sorry, this is my first 1 star. I had two others I nearly gave a 1 to but those ones I could find something redeemable about something... someone... this one is different. I thought that I liked Mack's brother but It was only for a second. When he conspired with Mack I didn't anymore. I hated the female lead and the male lead. It takes a huge amount of ignorance to bring their personal fights into the workplace... furthermore... she just disappears but keeps her job somehow... oh wait it's because the head of the whole company is using her for his physical needs under the guise that she is his girlfriend. It's quite sad that they end up together in the end because for my part I don't consider this romance at all and if this was a real situation I could tell you right now for a FACT that there is no chance for this relationship to work out between them. NONE. She may think her little fit won her what she wanted but saying you'll marry someone doesn't mean you gave them a date it will happen. Engagement in this situation is just a way to get some extra time not to have to deal with a persistently whining girl when you have no intention of marrying her. Engagement in this story is just a girlfriend with a ring and a IOU note for marriage. I think someone needs to tell the lead female one of my favorite quotes. - Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein. If you keep breaking up but going back thinking something is going to change this time around... but it won't. Sure they would have some fake happiness for a little bit, but it wouldn't work. Doing all this never worked for her before, why would it work this time around? It's messed up cause it's like he's in constant negotiation with her when she gets angry and disappears offering a little more and a little more of what she wants. It seems like he wants to keep her for as little commitment as possible. If that's his mentality how could she live with herself if she forced him to commit. What type of satisfaction would you get marrying someone who clearly doesn't want to get married to you and just eventually gives in. I could talk so much more about the story and these characters. The Daughter I have a lot I could say about her and his ex wife as well. But I won't. Ranting any more about this story would just be a waste of time so I'll end the review now. I'll just finish by saying, I won't be reading this again. The art was decent but the art alone wasn't enough to drown out the bad taste from the story and characters.

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not a single bit of a likeable character in this story 1  1

I cannot believe someone wasted effort to turn this into a harlequin manga. The characters were all unlikeable. You take a naive,gullible and weak heroine and an inconsiderate,selfish and childish hero surrounded by manipulative people, lies and misunderstanding and you get yourself this awful story. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME>

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not good. 1  1

This book was not my favorite. I looked up the original book on amazon and it was spot on. The hero acts like a totally jerk to the heroine, ignoring her feelings and placing his ex-wife and daughter over her needs. It's understandable to be a father but when you can't admit that the two of you are seeing each other and share the title "Couple", there is something going wrong here. The daughter acts like a snob. The heroine keeps falling right back into his arms even when she tries to leave him. But no!!!!!! He has to be the stupid alpha male and say that she is mine. If it were me, I would have slapped him good and left him in the dirt a long time ago. The funny thing is he doesn't even ask her opinion on whether she wants to get married, out of ignorance or stupidity thinks that she never wants to get married like him. Hello! Wake up and smell the roses. I wish this book had been better. That is all I have to say.

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