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One fateful day, Shannon was offered the acting role of a lifetime and pay to match its grandeur. Since she could pass for the pPrincess Iliana’s twin, Greta and Freddy wanted Shannon to stand- in for the currently ill princess during everyday the occasions she was required to attend over the next few days. To Shannon, a grad school student drowning in debt who waitedand waiting tables for a living, this opportunity was too good to pass up. She figured that waving at people and cutting ribbons couldn’t be all that difficult. It’s It wasn’tnot until she’s she was forced to meet the princess’s Iliana’s fiancé while pretending to be the princess that she starts started to fear this job was much more than she’d bargained for.

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predictable 3  3

The heroine has been hired as a body double for a princess. All she has to do is appear a couple of times, princess is "ill" but learns later the princess has run off with another man. The tutors are using the heroine to buy time to find the princess because she needs to be home for her engagement with a neighboring King. However, things start getting risky when the hero gets close to the heroine. From then on, it all feels rather predictable. The hero is suspicious of the heroine and figures out she's not the princess(the way she acts contradicts what the story says about her) but still has to whisk her away when paparazzi are surrounding them. The hero's kids grow close to the heroine really quick. Both the hero and hero fall in love but the hero is still going to honor his promise to marry the princess because of the agreement with her father. Even though it's plain to see that the man is only thrusting responsibility for his out of control daughter on to the hero's lap. Then the hero finds out in with his conversation with his mother-in-law that the heroine is actually the man's illegitimate daughter. The heroine eavesdrops on the whole thing and learns that the mother-in-law is her godmother. This ultimately breaks the heroine's heart of the betrayal and she immediately leaves. Months pass and the heroine has forgiven her godmother who invites to a party where the heroine meets the hero and most of his family. When they're alone, the hero pulls the heroine in for a hug and confesses his love for her. Then he reveals that he canceled the engagement, asking the heroine to marry him. She replies with a yes and that she loves him with all her heart too. We end the story with a wedding and the hero noting that the man was threatening war but dismissed it as a man who raised a fuss. The whole story just felt too predictable or something. Plus, I felt the whole twist didn't really change anything.

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