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After a one-night stand, Lauren’s sister became pregnant, gave birth, left the baby girl with the father and disappeared. But Lauren’s not about to leave her niece with the kind of monstrous man who would toy with a woman’s heart. Lauren steels herself to confront Dade in his penthouse apartment...only for Dade to mistake her for his new nanny! This gives Lauren a master plan: she’ll live with him as his nanny in order to find proof that he’s unfit to be a father, giving her a fighting chance in the pending custody battle. But will spending her vacation with this known playboy prove to be more dangerous than she could have guessed?

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becky's comment - February 6th, 2015

Heroine comes to see hero for her sister’s daughter. Her sister met hero in a party and had baby, however hero took her baby and left. So heroine comes for custody. However hero thought that heroine is the new nanny and took her to vacation in his villa. In order to take back the baby, heroine pretends to be the new nanny although she doesn’t have any experience of raising kids. During the time, heroine knows that the one who left her sister is not hero but his twin brother. And also, hero knows that heroine is not the nanny…

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Sweet Love Story 4  4

The hero decided to raise his twin brother's child as his own child because of guilt and mistook the heroine for the new nanny. The heroine took the opportunity to get close to the child (her niece), hoped to find evidence that the hero was not suitable as a father to fight for custody. Even though the two were attracted to each other, the hero fired the heroine after he discovered the heroine's true identity. The heroine left without fighting for custody cause she realized the hero was not the vilian as she thought and could be a good father to her niece. After the hero realized his own feelings toward the herione, he took his "daughter" to propose to the heroine. A happy ending! I enjoyed the artist's drawing along the story.

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3.5 she jumped the wagon a bit 4  4

The story was good except for some part of the heroine where she thinks the hero is the total bad guy who left her sister pregnant. From what I read, she didn't put blame on the sister for abandoning her child at the hospital after she gave birth and disappeared. The sister was just as responsible for that baby as the hero but it was the hero who took on the responsibility of raising her when the sister left. Plus, she source of information for the hero being a total playboy is by paparazzi magazines, not the best source. However, she between a rock and a hard place because she sees that the hero is actually a caring dad but is afraid of telling him the truth since it will destroy their budding relationship. Then the two find out the surprising information of the hero finding out the heroine is actually the daughter's aunt and the heroine finds a picture that reveals the hero is a twin. It turns out that it was the other twin who was the father of the baby and when the hero lashed out for being held responsible for the twin's actions, the brother ran off and got into a car accident. He fires the heroine but she sneaks in to see the niece one last time. They have a hot night and she disappears. Then the hero finds her at her workplace and asks her to marry him and she says yes.

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Good Story 4  4

This one is one of those feel good stories by the end of it. The only small issue I had was with the female lead. But I think if I read the novel to see how the female main ended up going on that vacation, I may end up liking her more. If the situation is exactly like the manga where she just pretended she was someone else, it seems a bit too dishonest for me to like her... but if in the novel he has it so she doesn't get a word in edgewise and she just comes along without saying if she is Quinn or not, then I wouldn't have any issues with her at all. In the manga she is given time to tell the truth originally but chooses not to. Lying to get in the door which made me feel it was a bit wrong when she got off so freely. Anyways, overall it's a good story with good art. I enjoyed it.

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