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When a business deal to save Vivian's company goes south, she quickly becomes the drugged captive of Nicholas Rose... or is it Nicholas Thorne? She doesn't know if she’s dealing with the sweet or sinister side of this pirate businessman, or if she was even his intended target. Is a disastrous car ride years ago the source of his vendetta, or has her beauty made her a target?

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You can't be serious!!! 1  1

I didn't like this story at all, I mean seriously it's so bad. The heroine finally is meeting the man who was in the car crash when she was fifteen. The heroine was driving back from a party, non intoxicated in the dark and rain going on a slippery road. They accidently crash into another car where the wife and unborn child die and the man is seriously injured but the son in the back has only a couple of bruises. The heroine sends a letter of apology despite the police, family, and friends saying it wasn't her fault but he writes back calling her slanderous names like murderer. She doesn't hear from him for more than ten years till a contract pops up and she has to go in place of her younger sister who has a high fever and guilty conscience for sleeping with her sister's fiancée. The hero has a different last name but she knows it's him because the man's last name was thorne and this hero's name was rose, so you put two and two together and you get the same man but she doesn't tell him till later. After discussion, the hero signs the contract and they celebrate with a bottle of Dom Perignon and the heroine has one glass. Suddenly, she feels funny and nearly collapses onto the ground but the hero catches her and starts carrying her. Is she a light drinker? NO! Why, because she has only one small glass of alcohol whose whole bottle content is at only 12%, not enough for a grown woman to suddenly lose cognitive function to her limbs. Something was put in the glass or the bottle, RED ALERT!!! The hero even admits there was drugs in and reveals that he's the husband from the car crash and he wants the whole eye for an eye thing. This is where the heroine wakes up to find herself naked and the hero naked in bed. She also finds that the hero took pictures of them in bed together, doing all sorts of naughty stuff. He reveals his plan was meant for the sister but he improvised when the heroine came in her place. So, now he's going to send the photos to the church where the wedding is to be held along with the ring she was given. The heroine knows that he doesn't know that their engagement was broken off and it's the fiancee and sister getting married. Then he goes off about how any children that she has will be by him. So for the next three days, she tries to find a way off to no avail. Then the hero pulls this a bunch of bologna how he's waiting for her to be ripe and ready for picking and their physical compatible. He gives her his coat, which has keys to the forbidden room like bluebeard and in this room, she finds chloral hydrate ( a sleeping draught) that she plans to give to him as revenge for the spiked champagne. She also finds the contract, pictures, and a cellphone. That's great and all but even if she calls for help, she still has no idea of her location because they're on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Then she has the foolishness to think that hero's heart has thawed but he finds her and it becomes cold for us again. So, they have dinner and the hero turns away long enough for the heroine to pour the sleeping draught into his win but doesn't get it until later that she doesn't know the proper dosage. It means that she could very well kill him and she could because too much of the stuff can cause harm to your body. She also learns from the hero that his blessed marriage was an arranged marriage that his diabolical father planned by pretending to be dying in the hospital to force the hero to agree to the marriage and miraculously recover. The wife wasn't any better because she didn't view the marriage as a bond of love nor a commitment of love but a business arrangement where she fulfills the father's desire to have a grandchild. When he's about to take another drinks, she shouts at him to stoop and there some racing up the steps that leads o the bed. The heroine thinks she gave the man an aphrodisiac but what man who's a marine biologist have an aphrodisiac meant for humans in his marine biology lab where it could get mixed up with the other stuff. Then it's until she reveals that she isn't engaged to the fiancee that he doesn't stop. In fact, the whole thing shocks him back to life from making his final sexual intercourse, thinking he was going to die from an overdose. The heroine has him promise not to ruin the wedding but the heroine still tries to escape by swimming, which doesn't work. It's also where the heroine reveals to the hero that she knew his true identity before coming to the island but came anyway. She also pretended to escape and let him do all those things to her. Are you kidding me????? You were in situation with what you perceived as a man bent on revenge who you had n idea of what he could do you and you were fine with letting it happen???!!!! Then the hero confesses that he's in love with the heroine and reveals that he is the son in the backseat, it was his wife and father in the front seat. He also tells her that the father wanted revenge so, he had been driving the heroine's company to bankruptcy and planned to bring an the end his plan but he was bedridden and asked the hero to do it. The hero was horrified and decided that he'd take the heroine to a safe place like his island in order to protect her from his father. He says that it was supposed to be her sister and he would explain everything to the sister. Yet, when he saw the heroine, he wanted to have her and decided to play the crazy father. The action I did and the phrase I said were rubbing my head from the ache this man's logic was giving me and saying "You got to be kidding me". What's even more crazy is the heroine is the heroine having fallen for him, despite all his threats, blackmail, and such. We end with marriage talk but I really wasn't going for it and even then it didn't make me like it that much.

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