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Eloise was born out of wedlock and raised in a frugal environment by her single mother. After her mother's death, she determinedly writes a letter to her father: the Viscount Pulborough. She asks him if he's ever spared her or her mother a second thought, but three weeks pass without a reply. One night, Eloise attends a work party and runs into the Viscount's stepson! He bluntly tells her that upper-class folks like him are used to gold diggers like her swarming around them…and that if she thinks she's squeezing any money out of him or his family, she's got another thing coming!

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it was fine. 3  3

Interesting play of how it went. So, the heroine as recently discovered in her late mother's belongings of her father's true identity. It has been six years since her mom died but she only just started going through her mother's things. So, she sends a letter with questions if he ever gave her mother a thought but the letter is intercepted by his adoptive son who's very protective of the man. Once he reads the letter, does some light digging into the heroine like her profession as a journalist, he jumps to some big conclusions. The hero finds the heroine, pulls her aside and makes the usual threats of staying away from the family and such. The heroine is so distraught over the whole thing that she shouts at the hero about everything. We get a chase then the two actually sitting down and seeing the heroine's mother never told the father but there's proof she was at the location. The next morning, the hero calls the heroine with the news that she was right and the father admitted to the affair, which really hurts the hero because he idolized the man. It turns out the affair happened when the father was in a vulnerable position from watching his wife waste away by disease, being a father, a noble, and responsible for other people's livelihoods. The hero brings the heroine to the father who tells her about not knowing and the lie story as well as wanting to be apart of her life now. Everyone is okay with bringing the heroine into the family except the father's daughter from his first marriage who may have seen her father in the affair as a child and it left a heavy scar on her heart. The daughter insults the heroine at every turn but the hero is there as her shining knight in armor. He helps the heroine navigate through the family dynamics and starts falling for the heroine's personality. The passion starts bubbling but the heroine resists since she doesn't want to give in like her mother and make choices that hurts everyone. Then opportunity strikes when the heroine helps the sister regain her confidence as a woman and seek help by going to a rehab of her own accord. Then the heroine finds another letter that states the mother had a short one night with another man to get over the break up with the father but doesn't know which man is the heroine's father. This really throws the heroine off her kilter but she goes to the father and family to reveal what she found and ask for a DNA test. Now, the hero isn't there but the father tells her there's no need since he sees her as his daughter. The heroine tries to tell the hero next but distractions keep popping up all night till the hero hears a voicemail about the daddy ? and thinks the heroine is just a schemer. He does what he did at the beginning and shuts the heroine out. The hero only finds out the truth thanks to the daughter who also tells the heroine about the hero's abusive father. The man is the source for the hero's massive mistrust in people and how high society pushes people to cover up and pretend everything is perfect. Its a lot of open hearts and words of love that end with the hero and heroine's wedding.

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