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Helen takes care of her best friend Delia’s son Nicholas, who was born out of wedlock. However, when her regular contact with Delia is broken, Helen feels an ominous premonition. Delia’s older brother, Leon, suddenly shows up at her doorstep with news of his sister’s death. With Helen shaken by the news but with Nicholas’s happiness as top priority, Leon proposes they enter into a marriage of convenience. Deciding that it will be the best thing for Nicholas, Helen agrees…without realizing just how much she might regret it later.

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The story begins with the hero driving to the heroine's house for the first time under pressure. He's recently discovered after the death of his father and sister that his sister had an illegitimate child being raised by the heroine. What's presently worse, is the heroine given guardianship over the little boy and the sister's assets becomes her assets. This would spell disaster for his company and he goes to the problem. He relays the news of the sister's death, breaking the heroine's poor heart because they were best friends who looked out for each other. The hero is honest about the whole thing till through talks about being the boy's guardian. The hero realizes that she doesn't fully understand and decides to take advantage of the situation by forcing her to marry him and he'll legally adopt his nephew to take back the assets. The heroine doesn't want to lose the one chance she had to be a mother since she lost the ability to have children as a young kid. She marries the hero and the first few weeks as a newlywed couple have bumps. One of the things I liked is the heroine doesn't back down from the hero but makes him listen and take her opinions into account, especially when it concerns the wellbeing of the nephew. This helps in building the bond where the hero becomes more happy with being around not just the little boy but also the heroine. The heroine also learns about the hero's past from a neglectful mother to neglectful wife. The hero makes progress himself by even shopping by himself to buy a gift for the heroine. Then comes the big obstacle in the form of a jealous OW and the hero's greedy cousin. The OW corners the heroine and reveals the hero's initial plan and the hero is only using her to give birth. The seeds of doubt are sown but the heroine is barely able to process till she faints and a trip to the hospital reveals her pregnancy. Everyone is all a glee but the heroine can't help but feel heavy hearted from the woman's words. The hero notices the heroine's depressed state and asks her about it. She tells what she knows and their discussion coldly ends with the heroine leaving behind divorce papers for the hero to sign. Months pass and the heroine is living alone fine but still missing everyone. She gets a real surprise when she finds the hero on her doorstep. He tells her that he couldn't live without her. He also says that she's still the legal inheritor of his sister's assets. He gives a romantic proposal to the heroine. She accepts it all and goes back to him. Then we skip to rushing to the hospital and the heroine giving birth to a beautiful little girl. The ending was good and I really liked how it went.

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