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When her mother passed away, Sophie could feel nothing but sadness and resentment towards her grandfather, who had long ago abandoned her mom. Fate intervenes when a man named Costas Palamidis shows up on her doorstep saying that his daughter needs a bone marrow transplant—and that she might be a possible match. Sophie agrees when she finds out that the procedure will take place in the Costas home in Greece…not only because she wants to help save Costas’s daughter, but also because she wants to finally confront her grandfather on his home turf. While staying in Greece, Sophie discovers that she closely resembles Costas’s late wife. But when things begin to heat up between them, she can’t help but feel like nothing more than a mistress to Costas. Is that really all he sees her as?

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The heroine is brought in by the hero for help right after her mother's death. She finds out that she's distant relative who might be a bone marrow match for his little girl. The heroine decides to do easily on the condition that she come with him to Greece. She has a half-baked plan of either avoiding or confronting her grandfather who she wrote so many times to visit when her mother was on her deathbed but never came. They head to Greece to get her tested immediately since the little girl grows weaker everyday. We learn the estrangement of between the heroine's mother and grandfather began when the mother rejected the arranged marriage the grandfather set then ran off to marry a penniless Australian who made her happy but died when the heroine was young. The hero and heroine have an up and down relationship what with the hero getting upset when he sees the heroine just chatting with another man. Then she learns she bears a resemblance to the hero's dead wife. This correlates with the whole hero's grumpy attitude because his marriage to the wife was arranged and she would brazenly not only flirt with other men but show her affairs in front of the hero. The heroine does develop a cute relationship with the daughter. The relationship with the hero is still tense what with a hot moment that turns cold with the hero scolding the heroine for attempting to give him pity sex. Things do get better when the heroine's marrow proves to be a match and puts many things to the side. Later, the heroine learns from the mother that there's more to the hero and wife's relationship but he's clams up when asked. She also finds out that her grandfather is in the same hospital as the little girl and encouraged by the hero to face him. She open the door, seeing a sick old man instead of the tyrant she pictured. The grandfather and her talk where she learns that he's paid the price for pride at the expense of never seeing his daughter again. Plus, when the heroine was calling him at the time, he was in the hospital. As the heroine sits alone, the hero comes running in panic mode since she disappeared. This leads to coitus and next morning, the hero disappears. The heroine tries to think positive but when she hears about the hero going to the grave of his wife, she assumes he regrets their night and decides to leave with only a note to the little girl. Once, the little girl gets the letter, she tells her dad who stops all flights. He gets the heroine a car to bring her back, so they have one final confrontation. The heroine and hero have a fight with the heroine claiming he only did it with her because she looked like his wife. He tells the heroine it's not truth and in reality, he never loved his wife. He explains what was written earlier and that he's fallen for the heroine. She confesses that she's fallen for him too and we get a cute ending with a wedding with all three family members.

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