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Princess Lucy of the Xavier Kingdom sighs, "Why won't he come and take me away? I've tried calling him and sending letters, but I haven't had any news of him. Was he lying when he told me that he loved me?" Meanwhile, Seth is angry. "Why did she abandon me and go back to her home country? I know the King ordered her to come home, but not contacting me at all since leaving is taking it too far." The love the two of them share is torn apart by the difference in their social statuses and the expectations of their surroundings. But an unexpected chance at reconciliation appears...!

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what to go for, for a child 4  4

The beginning was a new story. It's not everyday that a man's ex-wife who is also the sole heir to a kingdom comes on his doorstep in the rain, exhausted and in labor. It was really interesting on how it played how with the birth of their child. I loved seeing the perspective of the hero help bringing his child into the world and the tensions that the child is the prince to his mother's kingdom. It was also interesting to see how the hero and heroine met through the eyes of the hero. It is also good to see through the perspective of the heroine as well. We learn the heroine was trying to keep in contact with the hero but then hero never answered her letters. I did like how the hero and heroine are figure out how to handle the situation of the their son because of his lineage and the fact of the power the royal family has. It was good to see how much the hero was willing to fight for his son's well being. The hero and the heroine start to realize things that makes them doubt about each other's methods. For example, the heroine wants to name their son the name of the hero's father and goes off on remembering all these things that the hero told, which of course surprises the hero. What I found so funny was the fact that the hero drops the bomb of marriage and divorce on his family. I love how the women in the hero's family are so kind and willing to help the heroine learn how to take care of a baby. I love the fact that the heroine wants to be involved in caring for her child and not leaving it to a babysitter. The hero is willing to fight for so much for his son but it's killing me that he doesn't take his doubts into account. They are finally able to learn the truth of neither of them not receiving the other person's letter. they find out that they're still married in America and the heroine wants to give their marriage another try. The hero agrees but then goes off how he can't live with the royal restrictions. That leads from one thing to the next and the heroine says one thing and the hero says, "So long as you're princess, I can't be married to you," That is just plain cruel. Then the king, the heroine's father comes acts all sweet till the heroine is out of sight and pulls out some papers. Its basically how much time the child will spend between parents but on the condition of divorcing the heroine. What I couldn't believe is that the hero signed it without showing it to the heroine first. I don't blame the heroine for her heart being broken. A lot of what the heroine said hit the hammer right on the nail. The hero did it for his son but realizes how stupid of a mistake it was and goes right after her. I like how the heroine pushed him to say the words. One of my favorite parts in the ending was the father ripping up the consent form as well as the hero adapting the heroine's environment. It was a good read.

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