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Ariane, a famous reporter, is on her way to a beautiful, huge mansion. The man she will interview, Manolo, is a big shot in the business world with a very intimidating demeanor. Ariane, constantly receiving harassing emails from her former husband, eventually ends up staying at Manolo's mansion. He promptly proposes to her, as the marriage would be beneficial for them both… But a marriage without love! Ariane feels repulsed at the thought, but what if Manolo can truly protect her from her ex-husband?

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editor's comment - March 20th, 2015

Heroine is a journal and meets hero because of an interview. Hero is arrogant but heroine finds that her has a baby girl and am worried about raising her. Heroine takes the job of raise her but she is bothered by her ex-husband. Hero proposed to her but in a chance heroine stays at home herself, her ex-husband ran into her house unexpectedly…

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exchange becomes a bond 4  4

The heroine is given a big opportunity to conduct an interview with elusive hero. Their first meeting is funny and halfway through the interview, they take a break. The heroine walks around till she hears a baby's cry and comes upon the hero trying to soothe a baby girl. She gives some advice and they delay the interview for the next few days. During this time, the heroine makes a great impression on the hero because of how well his baby girl took to the heroine. So, he asks the heroine a favor of caring for his little girl and will compensate her for it. She agrees to the job but not to the pay. It's only when she goes home to get clothes that we see how horrible the ex-husband is with not only harassing texts, despite restraining order but slashing her tires as well. The hero and his trusty Alfred deduce what the problem is and make plans to help the heroine. Later on, there's an intruder on the premises and it leads the hero to have a conversation with the heroine. He asks her to marry him as an exchange agreement with him protecting her with all his resources and her being a mother for the baby girl. The heroine agrees on the condition that they both commit to fidelity of the marriage and the hero agrees. They have a night out with out on the town. They meet one of the hero's past relationships who tries one up on the heroine but the heroine shuts her down with one of the best comebacks to mean OW: "Maybe he doesn't like what your idea of beauty is,". That was pure gold and both the hero and I applauded at the heroine's words. When the hero and heroine are alone, the hero opens up about his wife being a materialistic being with not a single maternal bone in her body. Then one day, when the servants are all out of the house, the heroine is attacked by the ex-husband. He makes his usual threats that make the heroine very afraid. Yet, when she thinks of the baby girl, she finds her courage and strength to catch him off guard and knock him out. The horrible man is taken away in cuffs and the heroine finds peace. The hero comes running in to hug and confess his love to the heroine. It was actually a decent ending and I liked it.

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I love IT !!!!!!!!!! 5  5

I Love manga !!!!

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