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Her work is more important to film director Zoe than any romantic love. That is, until she meets the right man. On a stormy night, a strange man knocks on Zoe's door. His name is Connel, and his car's broken down in the storm. When a wary Zoe is reluctant to help, he says "I knew it. You're a cold woman, Zoe Collins." All she can think is, "How does he know my name?"

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becky's comment - March 20th, 2015

Heroine met hero in a stormy night. Hero was trapped and asked heroine to call for help for him. However heroine forgot and hero came to her house. Finally heroine let hero stay in the house for shelter. However hero is not just a stranger. Actually a few years ago, heroine had a boyfriend, but broke up because of his selfish. And hero is his brother…

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was interesting 3  3

I found this new job of the heroine's to be a cool one from her being in a director in films and a good one. It gave a whole new meaning to working in a men world's since the original book was published in 1999. The heroine has to be a hard head and while it's a good thing in her line of work, it slips into her personal life. I agree with Cassandra that she was being unnecessarily mean to the hero. Although, it is understandable since her last relationship was a control freak with a mean fist. It actually gave me some questions about the heroine's past due to the fact her sister's attitude to the heroine and the vague answers. The main couple buck heads at each other but they find themselves getting more and more attractive to each others' unique characteristics. It's the moment of truth when the heroine's ex attacks her in her home and the hero saves her from getting choked to death. Then two things come as a surprise: 1) the ex is the hero's little brother and 2) the brother's not only a control freak but has an ego where he's never at fault. After the incident, the two separate on the heroine's effort but the hero fights for her. He sweeps her away and they have coitus then they talk about themselves. They went it with them getting married and it was a nice wrap up.

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Relatable female lead 5  5

I enjoyed this manga a lot. I was able to relate with the female lead quite a bit and although in the beginning she's kinda mean to the male lead, I could completely understand her cautiousness with him. Even though she took it a bit too far. The male lead was handsome and a interesting and the other characters were all interesting characters too. The story was will written and put into manga form in a way that it didn't mess with the pacing at all. The art was also great.... All around 5 stars. I look forward to reading it again sometime.

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