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Jenna's best friend Susie has come to her flat to beg Jenna to lie for her. She wants to trick her big brother Simon and go on a vacation with her lover. Nine years ago, Simon used to treat Jenna like a child, so this is the perfect opportunity for revenge. Jenna agrees, and she and Susie get their stories straight before Simon calls. Jenna’s sure she has him fooled, but what if she doesn’t?

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Plain and ok 2  2

Have you ever have you ever lied for your friends if you have you know the situation where you have to lie for your friend the main character is trying to protect his friend who is forcefully in his eye is engaged to the other main characters friend which she does not agree and she is fall in love and romanticfraud man who is who has a plan of tripping rich girls and using their money and when he is bankrupt or has closed or money he again goes out on haunting new girls for the money in exchange office fake love and romance she wants your best friend to life and save for that she is having a vacation with her.understanding feelings she go with the prepaid plan and live with her as the main character approaches other main character they have their very upset down in the stories after the misunderstanding and confusion about each other is clear up there both realise work Rihanna mistake they have done in and they have a marriage photo and a very good happy.Penelope Jones was born on 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, the eldest of three children born to Anthony Winn Jones and his wife, Margaret Louise (née Groves),She had a brother, Anthony, and a sister, Prudence. A keen reader from childhood, her mother would leave her in the children's section of the local library while she changed her father's library books.Her story-telling career began at the age of eight when she began telling original bedtime stories to her younger sister.Jones married Steve Halsall, an accountant, who died of cancer, predeceasing his wife. They did not have children, but she had a bakers dozen of assorted godchildren, nieces and nephews.In March 1979, she published her first novel under the pseudonym Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise, the same year she published other 4 books. In 1981, Mills & Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon's Prey, signed as Penny Jordan. Since then, almost 70 million copies of her 167 Mills & Boon (or Harlequin) novels have been sold worldwide.I hope you enjoy the story it is a light find simple script not many many twist but lot of misunderstanding it may be ok.

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an out of control lie 3  3

The heroine is begged by her friend to pretend that she's living for her a period of time, while the friend sneaks off to romantic vacation with her boyfriend. The reason is because her pushy brother hates the boyfriend and wants her to marry his best friend. The heroine tries to be reasonable since the hero can't force his adult sister to marry but the sister states she's weak in their arguments. So, she leaves and the hero comes strolling in. He misinterprets her relationship with a neighbor/landlord then reveals the facts about the sister's new beau. Apparently, the man's gone bankrupt twice and before the sister, he was dating a rich girl before the dad separated them. He also reveals the sister was engaged to his best friend but she called it off when he said they would live by modestly on his earnings alone. They both race to the destination only to be outsmarted by the sister. Then we have the bedroom scene where the two are caught with clothes on but rumors will spread and the hero lies stating they're engaged. The hero finds their engagement advantageous and uses his resources in getting the heroine to agree. Then there's the incident at business dinner where the heroine's client wants to be more intimate but gets blocked by the hero. This ensures a fight between the heroine and her boss because he's trying to dish her out to clients and she says no. So, like a jerk, he fires her for not going along with his "conditions". Then she goes on vacation with the hero and it has its ups and downs. Then the heroine finds out the hero's low opinion of her stems from the sister lying about the heroine being all popular and having different experience when it was the sister get some everything. Things get more and more heated between they get closer to the wedding date. They do go through with it but the tension is still there. Then guess who shows up but the sister having separated from her latest beau and heading back to the fiancée. The heroine decides to go to the hero to be honest about her feelings but they're interrupted when the hero's mother collapses. She pulls through but it does set the whole talking it out back. Finally, the heroine and heroine do it and the hero learns all the stuff the sister said was false. Now, he feels like a total creep for everything he said and did to the heroine. He confesses that he's always been in love with the heroine and was willing to go through a fake marriage with her. That way he could get her to love him (Yet, you acted like a jerk when it came to the topic of OM). Now, he realizes that he was just forcing his love on her. Then she reveals her love for him. They decide to remarry and we end it with their wedding photo. It was an alright story, just not my kind of story.

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